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Mindmapping in all subjects using freeware

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This presentation will be based on the use of FreeMind and FreePlane Software which is freeware. It is also available as portable software and can be run directly off a memory stick without installing onto the host machine. This means that it can be downloaded for free and your learners can take it home as well.

Text of Mindmapping in all subjects using freeware

  • Using Mind Mapping software in Science, languages, Biology. Ok. All subjects then Dr Ron Beyers Young Engineers and Scientists of Africa SchoolNet South Africa Webinar November 2013
  • Uses of a pencil Same Pencil - Different Outcomes
  • LEFT BRAIN Sequence Literalness Analysis Traditional Education RIGHT BRAIN Context Emotional Expression Synthesis Future Education Cheaper Left Brain Workers in India Call Centres Tax Returns Programming Innovators Creativity Mason-Dixon Line Functions of the Brain Think across disciplines Adaptable
  • Digital Literacy vs Computer Literacy Database ICT Enabled Innovator Spreadsheet ICT Practitioner Word Processing ICT User (Application) Basic Literacy Basic Literacy Computer Divide Digital Divide Society
  • Education as a Journey Old school o o o o Sage on the stage Teacher as a gatekeeper Teacher as the bus driver Controlled route Old World o o o o Industrial era to Information age Information is key Calculators and computer mouse Teachers preparing learners for a world that no longer exists New school Guide on the side Partnership formed Learner as the bus driver Start and end defined but different routes o Constructivist approach o o o o New World o o o o Knowledge society Knowledge is key Emphasis on communication Greater emphasis on real world issues of globalisation
  • Software Types o Commercial o Open Source/Freeware/Shareware iPad / Apple o SimpleMind ( o MindMeister( o Total Recall ( PC/Laptop o FreeMind ( o FreePlane ( Linux o FreeMind ( o FreePlane ( Android o Simple Mind ( o o Mindjet Maps ( Mindomo ( o Many other software titles available
  • English Essay
  • Biology - the Skeleton
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Planning Complex Documents
  • Blooms Taxonomy
  • Good software in the hands of a bad teacher is useless while bad software in the hands of a good teacher is excellent.
  • The individuals who can mastermind a future cure for AIDs, solve the worlds energy crisis, etc. are in the classroom of today
  • Dr Ron Beyers Young Engineers and Scientists of Africa [email protected] 0833108843