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Wasteland 2 is a post-apocalyptic role-playing video game developed by inXile Entertainment with additional development by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Deep Silver for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. It is the first official sequel to the 1987 video game Wasteland (though 1990's Fountain of Dreams, the cancelled Meantime, and the original Fallout from 1997 were considered spiritual successors). The game was successfully crowd funded through Kickstarter, part of a trend of high-profile developers launching projects on the site. After the postponement of the original release date from October 2013, it was released on September 19, 2014.

Text of Wasteland 2 Books - InXile

  • ContentsA Brief History of the Watts TowersAnger Management for Angry ManagersBeekers Diary (test)Blood-stained journalBlood-stained journal (Donald)Farmer's diaryGarden journal (Rose's real journal)History of the Ag CenterIntelligence reportKathy's JournalKPOW playlist for Monday July 21stLab journal (Rose's fake journal)Log Book Pages

    Log Book Page (1)Log Book Page (2)Log Book Page (3)

    Memories of My Time in the RangersMr. Manners' Guide to Post-Apocalyptic EtiquetteNotes

    A note to Jess-BelleA small note to Jess-BelleEngineer's NoteNote from AlexeyNote from MalachiRick's NoteRose's NotebookWanted Poster

    Shack LetterStolls' JournalSwifty's Orderbook

  • The Ballad of Bobby & RexThe Flame Deluge CanticleThe Gospel According to MatthiasThe Griffith Observatory: A HistoryThe History of the Davis-Monthan Air Force BaseThe History of the Desert RangersThe Legend of the Red RyderThe Servants of TitanThe Story of John HenryThe Story of SamsonThe Ten Commandments of James KingWelcome to Hollywood!Welcome to the Los Angeles Memorial ColiseumYour Friend The Great GlowYour Golden Future

  • A Brief History of the Watts Towers

    BackgroundA handwritten collection of notes that tell the story of Rodia.


    Part 1I wanted to do something big and I did it. Simon RodiaSabato Simon Rodia was born February 12, 1879 in Serino, Italy. He and his brother emigrated tothe United States in 1895, both settling in Pennsylvania and working in the coal mines until his brotherdied.Little is known about Simon's life during this period except that he moved to the West Coast, spendingtime in Seattle, Oakland, San Francisco, Martinez, El Paso and finally Long Beach, California. Heworked at construction sites and doing odd jobs for logging and railroad camps to make ends meet.Rodia is remembered for the most famous piece of folk art in the United States: the Watts Towers orTowers of Rodia or as he called them Nuestro Pueblo, Our Town.Simon Rodia purchased a triangular-shaped lot at 1761-1765 107th Street in Los Angeles in 1921 andslowly started to construct his masterpiece. It would not reach completion until 33 years later in1954. In this time Rodia worked alone with simple tools, with no special equipment or predetermineddesign. When he was done there stood a collection of 17 interconnected steel sculptures, the tallestreaching a height of almost 100 feet.The sculptures were constructed from steel rebar and concrete, wrapped with wire mesh, the supportsembedded with pieces of porcelain, tile and glass. Rodia decorated the towers with found objects,including bottles, figurines, mirrors and more. He would use broken pottery brought by local children,or green glass from soft drink bottles he collected. Rodia collected most materials himself, walking awide radius to pick up scrap rebar and other raw materials.When the work was done Simon Rodia moved to Martinez, California, where he died on July 17,1965.Soon after, the City of Los Angeles condemned his old bungalow and lot and was looking to demolishit, but Actor Nicholas King and film editor William Cartwright visited the site in 1959 and decided tosave them. To challenge the City's assertion that the structures were unsafe, they were stress-tested onOctober 10, 1959. Steel cables were attached to each tower with a crane exerting lateral force to tryand topple it. But the cranes were unable to topple or even move the tower.By the 1970s the City had started working with a local committee to preserve and make public thisunique piece of folk art. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.Since then, the Watts Towers have been in need of care and conservation to maintain the moresensitive parts of the edifice, but the main steel structures have withstood many quakes better than thebuildings around them, and will stand for many years more - a monument to what a single man can do

  • with nothing but willpower.--Johannes van Graas, May 18, 2096

  • Anger Management for Angry Managers

    BackgroundA broad, well-bound book illuminated throughout with fantastical images. The leather has a strange,warped rubbery texture and a faint green glow.

    TranscriptCongratulations, reader! What you hold in your hands will not just solve your problems, but theproblems of all people around you!THAT'S RIGHT. Stop and think about it. Look to your left. Now look to your right. Who close to youhave you not hurt with your anger? Now go to a mirror and look into it. Really look. Because nomatter what, no one's been hurt by you more than YOU.But this book has your answers.DO TRY THIS AT HOME!!!How do I know I am an Angry Manager?- Shout at an employee at least once a day?- Never allow anyone an extra second in their lunch break?- Fire more people than you hire?- Have a hard time compromising?- Notice people go real quiet when you walk into the room? ***scrawled in the margin: Sick your dogs on your men???You may very well be an Angry Manager!!So what should I do?First and foremost: Pay attention to the signs of anger as they appear. Knots in stomach. Clenchinghands. Seeing red. Tensing up of the body. These are all warning signs that may come well beforeyour anger actually expresses itself. This is the time to stop yourself before your anger affects othersand yourself.So how to help yourself help others? Here are our Top Ten Tips for Anger Management:1. Think before you speak. What are you about to say? And how will it affect people around you?Give yourself a few seconds to figure this out.2. Get some exercise. A brisk walk around the block or a quick run will do wonders for yourequanimity.3. Take a timeout. It's not just for kids! Put yourself in the corner for a while.4. Focus on the physical sensations of anger. Focus on the way it's making you feel, and this willactually put your mind at east.

  • 5. Stretch, roll or massage physical points of tension, especially after doing #4.6. Dance to the music! Put on your favorite jams and just move the anger away!7. Use humor to release tension. The right joke at the right time helps cool everybody down. ***scrawled in the margin: Avoid your momma jokes from now on.8. Punch a pillow, relieve your anger on an inanimate object in private. ***scrawled in the margin: Shooting it also works.9. Stick with I statements. Beginning with yourself before talking about others will help stop youfrom purely blaming others for problems that may well be yours.10. Count to 10.And there you go! It's really that simple! With these ten easy tips you are GUARANTEED* to neverhave issues with anger again. You will find yourself happier and more relaxed boss, and youremployees happier and more productive!Other books in this series:- How to Lead a Seminar without a Stutter- Grow a Spine: A Guide for Weak Managers- Office Romance: When Is It OK?

    Note: results not actually guaranteed.

    Beekers Diary (test)

    This diary entry item from Wasteland 2 designer Thomas Beekers is found in the game files butdoes not appear in-game. It can be added to a characters inventory using a save-game editor.

    April 28, 2014

    Another beautiful day in post-apocalyptic game programming.

    The first task of the day is to create these so-called "Beekers Diaries." Too bad I don't really knowwhat they're supposed to do aside from have text. Hopefully the title and text will be enough. Whenthey inevitably aren't enough, I'll just tack on more functionality. As usual. Ah, well. Them's thebreaks.

    The real trick will be to figure out how to automatically paginate these entries. Apparently, thedesired functionality is discrete pages instead of the scrolling used elsewhere. That's unfortunate,

  • since scrolling is easy. Paging, not so easy.

    On the plus side, NGUI's text system has to be figuring out most of this stuff internally anyway.Clamped labels need to know when to clamp, after all. It should be possible to use similarfunctionality to figure out where the text gets cut off, then repeat with a substring that starts at that cut-off point. Rinse, repeat until out of text.

    It all sounds so simple in concept...

  • Blood-stained journal

    BackgroundA rough-paper, leather wrapped journal, soaked in the blood of the body you picked it off of.

    TranscriptMost of the writing in this journal is illegible, the pages stuck together and the words obscured bydried blood....ade it to Damonta. Always lifts my spirits to find I'm not chasing something that isn't really there.Hopefully, I'll be able get a good night's rest...restock before heading further east. If my theo...[this passage is accompanied by a map of the area, charting a path from the Canyon of Titan toDamonta. It seems mostly accurate, but bloodstains obscure large portions of it]I have res...urn to Da...a. In the two weeks I've been out here, I've only found only impassablemountain terrain or ra...uds too hot for my suit. I am hopefuly that with all that pre-war tech, I'll beable to improve the suit's filter, or at least foritfy it so I can travel through the mounta...t tearing.I wish I'd taken the stronger suit, instead of letting Donald have it. No, no. He...ater need for it.This really is a spectacular little community. The whole place is powered, and even tthe smallershacks have climate control. The sheer amount of resources present in this place cou...ed again.No, no. I, I should really keep trying t...a way eas......t clicked on, and I clapped my hands, turned around, and said, There you go, Holly! If I got thatright, you should be able to pop that tape into this box here and that's when she kissed me. Iwa...ised, and told her it wasn't a big deal, getting the tape deck to work for her, that she didn't oweme anything, and then she did it again! She called me stupid, then she called me smart, t