Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website

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Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website. By PaperStreet Web Design. Why use Analytics. Improve Improve I mprove. Why use Google Analytics. Easy to install Integrates with Paid Campaigns Integrates with Webmaster Tools Free. Key Areas to Review. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Using Analytics to Improve Your Website

Using Google Analytics to Improve Your WebsiteBy PaperStreet Web Design

Why use AnalyticsImproveImproveImprove.Why use Google AnalyticsEasy to installIntegrates with Paid CampaignsIntegrates with Webmaster ToolsFree

Key Areas to ReviewVisitors (Overview, Demo, Behavior, Technology, Social & Mobile)Advertising (AdWords)Traffic sources (Sources, SEO)Content (Overview)Conversions (Goals)Monthly Review Process & Testing

Visitors: OverviewVisitsUnique VisitorsPageviewsPages/VisitAvg. Time on SiteBounce Rate

Visitors: DemographicsLocationLanguage

Visitors: BehaviorsNew vs. ReturningAre they are new or returning visitor?Frequency & RecencyNumber of times the visitor returned to your site.How often they returned.EngagementLength of visit.

Visitors: Technology & Browsers

Visitors: SocialThis is brand spanking new.+1 auto trackedMust Setup Other Services_gaq.push(['_trackSocial', network, socialAction, opt_target, opt_pagePath]);EngagementActionPagesVisitors: MobileOverviewDevice Types

AdvertisingOnly applies if you are using AdWords

Traffic Sources: All TrafficDirect, Referrals, & SearchWhere does your traffic come from?Search, ReferralDirect Paid

Traffic Sources: SEOIntegrate with Google Webmaster ToolsShow Queries that lead to your websiteLanding Pages & Geographical too!

Content: OverviewPageviewsUnique PageviewsExit PagesBounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.

ConversionsGoalsHow to setupConfirmation page

Monthly Review ProcessExclude your own IP networkSetup 1 hour per month to review.Review Overviews.Compare Months and YearsResearch negative trends.Conversion Rate OptimizationSetup conversion test.Change one thing and track. What is NextReview your WebsiteIntegrate Google Analytics if Needed.Review your AnalyticsMake Changes and Test