Using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to improve your site

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From our Meetup on 9/11/14: Talking about Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, and how you can use those tools to improve your site. If you haven't set those up on your site yet, we can help you get them going. In addition, we'll look at other aspects of search engine optimization to help move your site higher in the rankings.


  • 1. Using Google Analyticsand Webmaster Tools toimprove your website

2. Since last monthWordPress 4.0 3. Since last monthAuthorship has gone away 4. Since last monthI picked up a Chromebox 5. Since last monthWe moved to Teamwork 6. Since last monthGonna get an Apple Watch? 7. Next month on October 16Backing up, updating and restoring yourWordPress site 8. On November 20Cindy Miller: Writing for the web 9. What well cover today High-level overview of Google/SEO Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools Tracking down a traffic spike Technical SEO 10. What we wont cover today Keyword researchVisit and sign up to gether Free Keyword Research Guide 11. High-level overview of SEO 12. How Google was born 13. Links are votes 14. Google doesnt search the internet 15. Indexing 16. nofollow attribute 17. nofollow attribute 18. nofollow attribute 19. SEO is like... 20. SEO is like... 21. The rules arent changing 22. SEO lag 23. Google Analytics 24. 25. Google Analytics by Yoast 26. Choose your date range 27. Compare dates 28. Custom Dashboards 29. Real Time Overview 30. Audience Overview for the past 30 days 31. Monthly overview for past 12 mo 32. Compare to previous year 33. Audience Geo Location 34. Audience Mobile Overview 35. Acquisition Overview 36. Acquisition All Referrals 37. Acquisition Keywords Organic 38. Filtering out branded keywords 39. Filtering out branded keywords 40. Filtering out branded keywords 41. Acquisition Social Network Referrals 42. Acquisition Search Engine Queries 43. Setting up segments 44. Add Segment 45. New Segment 46. Hide semalt sourced traffic 47. Now you can compare them 48. Google Webmaster Tools 49. 50. Confirm your site: Five options1. HTML file upload2. HTML tag3. Domain name provider4. Google Analytics5. Google Tag Manager 51. Google Webmaster Tools 52. Search Traffic Search Queries 53. Search Traffic Links to Your Site 54. Search Traffic Links More 55. Google Index Index Status 56. Crawl Crawl Stats 57. Crawl Sitemaps 58. Tracking down a traffic spike 59. Big spike on July 3 60. Acquisition Overview 61. So what happened? 62. So what happened? 63. Make note of that 64. Make note of that 65. Technical SEO 66. 67. 1597 lines 1.6 MB423 lines 0.5 MB 68. Optimize images 69. Optimize images 70. 71. Mobile2012 2013 2014 72. Canonicalization and 73. EMDs and URL Structure 74. Next month on October 16Backing up, updating and restoring yourWordPress site