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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Life-Makers &amp; Enactus Portsaid HR Manager.UnleashYour HR CareerBy: Mahmoud Ibrahim Elkasrawy.</p> <p> Unleash Your HR Career.</p> <p>.</p> <p> - Unleash Your HR Career.</p> <p> Human Resources Management HR HR Managers HR10 </p> <p>Unleash Your HR Career.</p> <p> Silent Slide . . . 1 . 2 Have Fun Unleash Your HR Career.</p> <p> HR Unleash Your HR Career.</p> <p> HR </p> <p>HR HD Unleash Your HR Career.</p> <p>VIDEO What Do HR Managers Do.</p> <p>What HR Managers generally DoWhat Do HR Managers Do.</p> <p>So Generally they make sure toMake sure each decision Serves the companys Strategy Workforce Planning clarify each position to employees Job Analysis Recruit Job Seekers and Select the best for positions. Recruitment &amp; Selection Develop Employees to improve Performance training and developmentRetain, Motivate &amp; Engage Employees. Motivation &amp; Retention Measure Employees Performance. Performance Management Negotiation &amp; Conflict Resolution. Succession Planning </p> <p>What Do HR Managers Do</p> <p>What is Talent Management</p> <p>What is Talent ManagementSo. All What HR Managers do Must Serve The strategy</p> <p>Talent Management has a process</p> <p>We will cover some</p> <p>1- Workforce Planning</p> <p>Determine the companys future needs.. It includesRecruitment plan , Succession planning </p> <p>EX : Trend Analysis ToolTalent Management Process</p> <p>2- Job Analysis</p> <p> a procedure through which you determine the duties of the position and the characteristics of the person. to measure performance. know who is the best to hire. know what Is the best training for a specific departmentTalent Management Process</p> <p>Lets Go CreativeTalent Management Process</p> <p>3- Recruitment </p> <p> Finding and attracting applicants for the employer's open position through a Recruitment Brand. Hmm marketing? </p> <p>Literally, you can do anything to get what you want________________________See how Uncle Grey company Recruited Developers VIDEO </p> <p>Talent Management Process</p> <p>4- Interviewing &amp; Selection</p> <p>Obtaining information from candidates through conversation. Using Structured formation. To make sure they are the best for a position.Questions include: Situational, Behavioral, Stress, Puzzle, Job Related QuestionsSituational &amp; Behavioral questions are the best. BUT NOT ALWAYS</p> <p>VideoTalent Management Process</p> <p>5- Motivation &amp; Employee Retention</p> <p>Question : what is The best Motivator .Talent Management Process</p> <p>Money is never the answerThe best motivator is to let people do what they loveRecognition , personal event celebration give credit.Make sure they developRewardLet them know you careWorking isnt everything. Take them out Talent Management Process</p> <p>Talent Management Process</p> <p>Requirements you Should Have to be a Good HR </p> <p>Ethical &amp; trustworthy.Good Judge.Manage Tasks Effectively.Continuously seeking development.Leader &amp; a great Negotiator.Communicate effectively.Positive &amp; can motivate others.Good planner. Creative.Problem solver.HR Managers Must be </p> <p>So How to DevelopYourself in this Career ?</p> <p>10 tips</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerDont be an HR only</p> <p>Honestly, how can you manage things you never did or understood? Everything you will learn will make you a better HR 1</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerSetup a developmental Plan</p> <p>With a timeline And stick to itA day passes without knowing a new information is a wasteMy Planning course 2</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerContinuous Reading</p> <p>Gary dessert book will do the jobHR Blogs 3</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerAudio Books?</p> <p>Human Resources management Audio book4</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerOnline Courses</p> <p> Managing Talents : University of Michigan on Coursera Human Resources Management : open universities Australia on open2study 2 Courses about HR Management on Saylor.org on Edrak.org5</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerVolunteering</p> <p>You are wasting your time if you wont do it yourselfAnd its never as in books.6</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerGet an Internship</p> <p>This will make you a superstar 7</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerAttend Events</p> <p>Even If its about the same subject and Free8</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerKnow It All first</p> <p>Then choose what you want to specialize in later9</p> <p>10 tips to develop your careerAsk when you dont know</p> <p>LinkedIn, Facebook HR Groups, Facebook Pages</p> <p>Build your HR CareerHCC. Human capital community</p> <p>10</p> <p>ConclusionWhat is Human Resources Management Talent Management The Evolution of HR ManagementWhat do HR Managers Do The ProcessCharacteristics of HR Managers.10 Tips to develop yourself in this field.</p> <p>ConclusionAny Questions? </p> <p>.THANK YOU!</p> <p>Here are my contacts</p> <p>ContactsFACEBOOK : Mahmoud Ibrahim Elkasrawy</p> <p>Linkedin : https://eg.linkedin.com/in/mahmoudik</p>