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  1. 1. Integrated Solution in Human Resources Management: Workcube HR&Career Portal Solution
  2. 2. Workcube HR,which provides support to company executives,human resources executives and employees for strategic decision processes in human resources management,helps holdings,groups,companies and all of their branches to centrally manage HR based processes. Workcube HR supports all processes and phases ofhuman resources management of companies,including training,realistic performance measurements,open job listings and veterancy.ReaItime and versatile reportings will help us analyze the employees in every aspect but not only undirectional;thus,helps making healthier decisions,accordingIy. WorI
  3. 3. Employee Information Mngmntit helps you manage any kind of information and documentation,including personal and conmct information of your employees.adequacy denition.employee goals. bank accounts and permissions. Payroll &_PersonaI / Transactionit helps you to completely manage personal transactions such as pay checks,payrolls,social aids,bonuses.mass payment congurations,oiricial corporate relations,severance calculationsshifu and overtime. E-certication compatible. Organization Planningit helps you to create company,region.branch and department dei'lnitions. create automatic organization schemes and iorm an admnistiative and lunctional organization structure, Content ManagementRole Planningit helps you to dene and plan all positions and responsibilities and authorizations oi your corporate employees according to helps you to develop contents regardingintranet,career portal and corporateiniormation sharing. You may design and update any kind oi text and media contentor your company." 360 Performance Managementthe functionality you need in terms oiCorporate Intranet ; ' Managementvx/ A An enterprise an increase cooperation and communication between its employees through HR Portal and group intranet with corporate agenda managementlorum.corporate message,digital archive and self-service helps wide spreading a main vision,mission and goals etc.tor the group. lOO% Web Based HumanResources Software Solution Workcube,provides enterprises the opportunity to create their own career portals and track recruitment processes through one administrative center,with the Career Portal solution it offers. 360" periorrnance evaluation presents allcareer planning and testing & evaluation. / /Recruitm ent 4 Man agement It helps you manage any interviews,notes.correspondence.evaluation and documentation processes irom the very beginning oi the jobapplication process to the job start.through one administrative center. Analyze and Reporting it helps you acquire multi dimensional,multi layer.consolidated HR analyzeand reports that are consolidated with Balanced Score Card and 360 performancemanagement.Training [ Management _it helps you to publish and plan incclass and online trainings oi your employees,partners,clients and any other groups that you are in coopeiation with. Corporate Career V QPortal Management lgYou may create a career Portal special ior your corporation and make this portal available ior both recruitment and development purposes. You can manage all recruitment processes online through the portal. Enterprises can manage their Career Portals by using the tools inside the Workcube.Content Management Module allows unlimited amount of content and listings as well as accepting job applications inside the carreer portals. Workcube Career Portal Solution works |0O% integrated with HR Recruitment Module.Enterprises can manage interviews,notes,correspondence,evaluation and documentation processes from the very beginning ofthe lob application process to the recruiment,through one administrative centen
  4. 4. :3 N ~'u // '/j""'' lOO% Web Based Workcube HR&Career Portal Solution is ready,with both its technology and its functionality for todays and tomorrow's human resources management strategies. Workcube HR&Career Portal Solution is available for lOO% integrated usage with all otherWorkcube modules. Workcube is a company that develops lOO% Web Based corporate software solutions. Worl