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    Introduction to Cub Scouting

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    Opening Ceremony

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    The Cub Scout Promise

    I, (your name), promise to do my best

    To do my duty to God and my country,

    To help other people, and

    To obey the Law of the Pack.

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    Why Are You Here?

    To learn the fundamentals of Cub Scouting

    To learn what Cub Scout leaders do

    To learn how to make Cub Scouting work

    To learn how to have fun with my den

    and pack

    To learn how to have successful den and

    pack meetings and activities

  • 5

    Todays Training

    Models a pack meeting

    Starts with general information

    Continues with specific information

    Provides you with the tools to succeed

  • 6

    What is Cub Scouting?

  • 7

    Cub Scouting

    Is for boys aged 7 to 11 or in the first


    fifth grade

    Is family oriented

    Builds independence

    Is designed to develop participatory

    citizenship, character, and personal fitness

    Has age-appropriate activities and lessons

    Is the young-boy program of the Boy Scouts

    of America

  • 8

    The Foundations of Scouting

    BSA Mission Statement

    The Scout Oath

    The Scout Law

    The Vision Statement

    The Aims

  • 9

    Purposes of Cub Scouting

    Character Development

    Spiritual Growth

    Good Citizenship

    Sportsmanship and Fitness

    Family Understanding

    Respectful Relationships

    Personal Achievement

    Friendly Service

    Fun and Adventure

    Preparation for Boy Scouts

  • 10

    Cub Scouting

    Fun and Adventure Its time for some FUN!

  • 11

    12 Core Values of Cub Scouting






    Health and fitness



    Positive attitude




  • 12

    Character Connections

    Know what values mean.

    Commit to doing what feels morally right.

    Practice living according to the Core Values.

  • 13

    The Methods of Cub Scouting

    Living the ideals

    Belonging to a den

    Using advancement

    Involving family and home

    Participating in activities

    Serving home and neighborhood

    Wearing the uniform

    Making Character Connections

  • 14

    Age-Appropriate Programs

    Rank Grade Age

    Tiger Cubs First 7

    Wolf Cubs Second 8

    Bear Cubs Third 9

    Webelos Fourth, Fifth 10

  • 15

    Safeguarding Our Youth

    Youth Protection

    Two-deep leadership

    Online training and the resources available

    Health and Safety

    What activities are age-appropriate?

    What are the BSA policies?

    Training available throughout the year

  • 16




  • 17

    Becoming a Bobcat

    The first accomplishment in Cub Scouting

    Eight simple requirements

    Its your turn!

  • 18

    1. The Cub Scout Promise

    Learn and say the Cub Scout Promise and

    complete the Honesty Character Connection.

    I, (your name), promise to do my best

    To do my duty to God and my country,

    To help other people, and

    To obey the Law of the Pack.

  • 19

    Character Connections


  • 20

    2. The Law of the Pack

    Say the Law of the Pack. Tell what it means.

    The Cub Scout follows Akela,

    The Cub Scout helps the pack go,

    The pack helps the Cub Scout grow,

    The Cub Scout gives goodwill.

  • 21

    3. Tell What Webelos Means

    Well Be Loyal Scouts

  • 22

    4. The Cub Scout Sign

    Show the Cub Scout sign and tell what

    it means.

  • 23

    5. The Cub Scout Handshake

    Show the Cub Scout handshake and tell what

    it means.

  • 24

    6. The Cub Scout Motto

    Say the Cub Scout motto.

    A motto is a guiding principle.

    Do Your Best!

  • 25

    7. The Cub Scout Salute

    Give the Cub Scout salute and tell what

    it means.

  • 26

    8. Protect Your Children

    from Child Abuse

    With your parent or guardian, complete the

    exercises in the parents guide, How to

    Protect Your Children From Child Abuse.

  • 27


    You have completed all the

    requirements a boy needs to

    earn the Bobcat badge.

  • 28

    Cub Scouting

    Time for a Cheer

    Recognition is always welcome at

    a pack meeting!

  • 29

    Review and Questions

  • 30

    Cub Scouting How we have fun!

  • 31

    Fun comes from . . .

    The Cub Scout month

    Pack organization

    Annual program planning conference

    Unit budget plan

    Parent involvementhow to get help

    Activities (pack, district, and council)

    Resources and information

  • 32

    The Cub Scout Month

    Two or More Den Meetings

    Boys and leaders

    Activities and advancement

    (including outings)

    Pack Meeting



    Show, share, and succeed!

  • 33

    Pack Organization Chartered Organization Chartered Organization


    Pack Committee


    Cub Scout Den Leaders

    Assistant Cub Scout

    Den Leaders

    Den Chief

    Tiger Cub Den Leaders

    Adult Partners

    Den Chief

    Pack Trainer

    Assistant Cubmaster

    Webelos Den Leaders

    Assistant Webelos

    Den Leaders

    Den Chief

    Local Council

  • 34

    Cub Scout Program

    Prepared den meeting and pack meeting plans

    How to have fun for a month

    Ideas for den and pack meetings

    Supported by Den & Pack Meeting Resource

    Guide, Scouting magazine, and Boys Life

    Answers the question: What should we do?

  • 35

    Cub Scout Program


  • 36

    12 Core Values

    Month Core Value Pack Activity

    September Cooperation Pack open house

    October Responsibility Fire prevention activities

    November Citizenship Pack service projects

    December Respect Blue and gold workshop

    January Positive attitude Derby workshop

    February Resourcefulness Pack in uniform

    March Compassion First-aid night

    April Faith Campfire workshop

    May Health and fitness Sports workshop

    June Perseverance Bike Safety, bike rodeo

    July Courage Leave No Trace

    August Honesty Water carnival

  • 37

    The Cub Scout Year

    Annual program planning conference

    Decide what to do the following year

    Add your own activities

    Pinewood derby

    Space derby

    Raingutter regatta

    Field trips

    Ensure a year-round program

    Summertime Pack Award

    Day/resident/family/pack camping

    Quality Unit Award

  • 38

    Pack Budget Plan

    Funding the pack

    Pack money-earning ideas


    Council-supported fund-raising programs

    Make Scouting affordable

  • 39

    Parent Involvement

    Encourage all parents to participate

    Ask for help Start with just one job

    Ask them to do something specific

    Ask them to register Insurance coverage

    Closer relationship to the unit

    Scouting magazine

    Consider Single-parent families


    Parent and Family Talent Survey

  • 40

    Parent Involvement

  • 41



    Academics and Sports belt loops

    Summer camps

    Day camp

    Resident camping

    Pack camping overnighters at

    council-approved facilities

    Family camping

    Field trips

    Tour Planning Checklist

  • 42

    National Cub Scouting Resources

    Leader Book

    Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide

    Leader How-To Book

    Webelos Leader Guide

    Scouting magazine

    Boys Life

    Youth Protection training

    National Web sites

    Other books and pamphlets

  • 43

    Local Cub Scouting Resources

    Local council service center

    District executive and other support staff

    District and unit commissioner

    Scout executive

    Camping facilities

    Program support

    Fund-raising programs


  • 44

    Local Information Sources


    Cub Scout Leader Fast Start (online)

    Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training

    This Is Scouting (online)

    Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

    Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders

    Health and Safety

  • 45

    Local Information Sources


    Monthly meeting

    For all leaders and interested parents

    Conducted by the district

    Program ideas and fun

    Council Web site, newsletters, others

    Commissioners service

  • 46

    Unit Information Sources

    Pack traine


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