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  • Program HelPs

    Complete plans for den and paCk meetings inCluding: games, outdoor aCtivities, songs, and Crafts

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  • 2008–09 Tiger Cub and Cub Scout Advancement Plan

    While much of advancement in Cub Scouting is intended to be accomplished within the family, many requirements may be met by attending organized den meetings. Den meetings outlined in Cub Scout Program Helps include several advancement requirements each month.

    Completion of den meeting activities along with home assignments will insure that each boy receives his next badge of rank at the blue and gold banquet in February. Below you will find a list of recommended activities for each program level that den leaders can assign to be completed at home each month.

    Some things to remember: Family involvement is an important purpose of Cub Scouting, and it includes the family being involved in the • advancement process. For those requirements completed in the den, the Cub Scout should share his accomplish- ments with his parent or guardian, who in turn signs the boy’s handbook. Advancement is a method of Cub Scouting, not a purpose. Boys learn and grow through a variety of activities. • Den leaders should be flexible with den meeting plans as they learn what works for their particular den of boys.

    Special note for Bear Cub Scouts: As Bear Cub Scouts choose a combination of 12 achievements from the 24 available, many different combinations of achievements will bring the Cub Scout to his rank advancement. Cub Scout Program Helps provides only one pathway to that end. Allow boys the flexibility to choose their own interests.

    Achievements Completed at Den Meeting

    Achievements To Be Completed at Home

    Electives Completed at Den Meeting

    Tiger Cub

    September Bobcat 1, 4, 6 2D, 4G

    Bobcat 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1F

    6, 9

    October 1D, 1G 5F 2, 21

    November 2G, 5D 3F 10 or 11, 12, 25, 32

    December 3D, 5G 2F 1, 2, 10 or 12

    January 3G, 4D 4F 3, 19

    Wolf Cub Scout

    September Bobcat 1, 4, 7 2a, 2c, 4a, 12d

    Bobcat 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 2d-g, 4a-f

    1a, 11a, 23d

    October 1a, 1b, 2b 7a-f, 9a-e 6c, 11c (partial)

    November 1c, 1d, 1e,1g, 2a, 3a 3b-c, 6a-c, 12a-k 11d, 11f

    December 2a, 8a, 8d, 11b 11a-d, 8b-e

    January 2b, 10b 5a-e, 10a-e 1b

    Bear Cub Scout—God (1 or 2); Country (3, 4, 6); Family (8, 9, 10, 11); Self (15, 17, 18, 24)

    September 3f, 7a, 9e, 11c, 16b, 23b (partial), 23c (partial)

    1 or 2, 9f or 9g, 17a, d, e, f


    October 4a, 4c, 8a, 8c, 11g 4b, 8g, 18a, b, f, g, h

    November 3f, 5a, 6b, 6g or 7b, 24f 3a, b, j, 24d, e

    December 3f, 9a, 9d,15b 6e, 10a 9a

    January 10b, 13f, 15b, 15c 11a, b, d, e, 13f

  • Cub Scout Program Helps for 2008–2009 has been assembled and created by volunteers who have many years of experience working with dens and packs. Use these program suggestions as a resource and guide to help you plan the best possible program for your Cub Scouts.

    Contents Using Cub Scout Program Helps Den and Pack Meeting Hints Program Planning Insert (pullout section in the center of the booklet)

    Pack Program Planning Chart Cub Scout Monthly Themes for 2009–2010 Cub Scout Literature and Resources Cub Scout Program Partners

    Monthly Themes September 2008� —New Buddies October 2008�—Adventures in Books November 2008�—Seeds of Kindness December 2008�—Holiday Lights January 2009�—“A-Maze-Ing” Games February 2009�—American ABCs March 2009�—When I Grow Up April 2009�—Jurassic Pack May 2009�—Leave Nothing But Footprints June 2009�—A-Camping We Will Go July 2009�—Be a Sport August 2009�—Fun in the Sun

    BSA Supply Division Theme Support Materials


    Your Guide to a Successful Den and Pack Program

    2 0 0 8 – 2 0 0 9

    Do you have an idea that you would like to share with other Cub Scouters? Perhaps your Cub Scout den has writ- ten an original skit or song. Maybe your pack committee planned a memory-making advancement ceremony. Would you like to share a Cubmaster’s Minute that touched the boys in your unit? Send your ideas to the Cub Scout Program Helps volunteer task force. Next year you might just see them in print!

    Cub Scout Program Helps Task Force Cub Scout Division, S208

    Boy Scouts of America P. O. Box 152089

    Irving, TX 75015-2089

    34409.indd 1 3/17/08 11:59:23 AM

  • Cub Scout Program Helps has everything a leader needs to get started, whether planning a den meeting or a pack meeting. For each month, you will find:

    An agenda and plans for the monthly pack meeting• Plans for monthly pack leaders’ meeting• Four weeks of meeting plans for Tiger Cubs• Four weeks of den meeting plans for Wolf Cub Scouts• Four weeks of den meeting plans for Bear Cub Scouts• These plans revolve around a recommended theme, used

    by Cub Scout packs around the country. They highlight achievements and electives that can be started and/or com- pleted during the den meeting. Additional achievements and electives are identified for boys to complete at home with their families. You will also find references to Cub Scout enrichment programs such as the Cub Scout Aca- demics and Sports Program and BSA Family Program.

    Pack Plans Theme-related ideas are provided each month to help the

    pack meeting to be an event that all parents, Cub Scouts, and family members will enjoy. Guidelines for creating the program are provided to help your pack leaders’ meeting effectively organize the monthly pack meeting. The sample pack meeting agenda includes games, songs, cheers, and recognition ceremonies that Cub Scouts will enjoy.

    The Cubmaster Corner is featured each month to share with Cubmasters an item or idea that is special to their important position in the pack.

    Den Plans Activity plans for weekly Tiger Cub, Wolf Cub Scout,

    and Bear Cub Scout den meetings are provided for each month of the year. Notice that the activities suggested for each of these program areas of Cub Scouting are designed to be age appropriate. Boys will have an opportunity at the monthly pack meeting to demonstrate the skills or per- form an activity that they learned during the month.

    Similar meeting plans and activities for Webelos Scouts are in the Webelos Leader Guide (No. 33853).

    PurPoses of Cub sCouting The activities found in Cub Scout Program Helps are

    designed to support the purposes of Cub Scouting. They are chosen to help promote the overall aims of Scouting to develop a boy’s character, train him in good citizenship, and encourage him to become more fit physically, men- tally, and morally.

    AdAPting PlAns The sample meeting plans encourage a fun-filled den or

    pack meeting. Leaders will want to consider varying the pace of meetings and varying the activities presented to boys, while paying attention to the many learning oppor- tunities that covering the purposes will provide.

    Dens and packs with different schedules can adapt the ideas in Cub Scout Program Helps to fit their situations. Pack leaders can also change the order of the themes to fit their needs. Packs determine when to use special events such as pinewood derby, space derby, or raingutter regatta. The annual planning session will also assign months for special service projects and a uniform inspection. The order of the themes may be modified to capitalize on event possibilities. Keep in mind, however, that it is best when all dens in the pack are working on the same theme. Also, each designated monthly theme is supported by Boys’ Life and Scouting mag- azines and at local Cub Scout leaders’ roundtable meetings.

    Planning helps leaders make the best use of resources and the themes. It allows leaders to watch for sales on craft supplies, practice songs in advance, and have the time to construct any projects before meetings. Planning allows the pack committee time to prepare ceremonial props for advancement recognition and decorations for theme-related atmosphere, as well as for coordinating activity and game supplies. Plans for each month’s pack leaders’ meeting will highlight items of interest for pack committee members to review as the pack progresses toward its quality unit status.

    On behalf of countless Cub Scouts, thank you for the time and energy you are giving to make a difference in the life of the boys of your unit.

    sPeCiAl MoMents Throughout Cub Scout Program Helps, leaders will find

    many ideas for helping them “capture the moment” and gently give boys a glimpse of the deeper purposes within the fun of Cub Scouting.

    CubMAster And den leAder Minutes A den or pack meeting may close with a Cubmaster’s

    or Den Leader’s Minute—a one- or two-minute story that emphasizes values, Scouting ideals, or character. It relates the monthly theme to everyday life encounters of Cub Scout– age boys and ends the meeting with a thought-provoking moment or challenge.

    refleCting Reflecting is a method for leaders to guide Cubs to their

    own understanding of the deeper purpose of an activity. Open-ended questions guide boys into discussing their thoughts, feelings, and actions about an activity and its effects. Guidelines on leading a reflecting session are found in the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book.

    ChArACter ConneCtions Character development is a part of everything a Cub

    Scout does. Character Connection discussions relate an activity, project, or event to one of the 1