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  • Agenda for this Evening2007 Statistics2008 Fall Recruitment IncentivesKeys to SuccessWhere to StartAdditionalTestimonialsRecruitment Night & Follow upYear Round RecruitmentQuestions


  • Fall 2007 Council Recruitment Results1221 Cub Scouts Recruited August Dec261 took place October DecemberThis means that boys can and will join on a continual basis.126 Boy Scouts Recruited August Dec.All numbers adjust to exclude Scout Reach.

  • Fall 2007 District Recruitment Results Cub Scouts Boy Scouts (Aug Dec.) (Aug Dec.)Buffalo Ridge: 216 23Five Rivers: 88 2Pheasant: 66 6Prairie Hills: 555 63Lewis and Clark: 132 15North Star: 163 12All numbers adjust to exclude Scout Reach.

  • 2008 Recruitment Incentives:The New Cub ScoutFree Fall Fun Day: any boy that joins Cub Scouts by September 19th will be able to attend this event on Sat., Sept. 20 or Sun., Sept. 21 for FREE (date varies by district).A promotional flier will be included with the recruitment flier (attached or on the back)

  • 2008 Recruitment Incentives: The Cub Scout PackEarn Free Pinewood Derby Kits for your entire Pack: Any Pack that completes the following requirements will earn a free pinewood derby kit for each boy in the Pack:Have an increase in Cub Scout Membership by the end of October 2008 vs. Jan. 2008Attend the District Fall Recruitment Training Seminar in August (Tonight)Conduct a 1st and 2nd opportunity to join event.Turn in a Membership Inventory Roster (youth involved & not involved) by Oct. 31, 2008.Unit is actively involved in recruitment plan development and implementation.

  • Keys to Success: Where to StartSet your date(s):This includes securing your recruitment locationTip: Set your 2nd opportunity to join at the same time.

  • Keys to Success: Where to StartPlan your Recruitment Event Conduct a FUN & EXCITING Recruitment Event. Remember Boys join Scouting for FUN. Sample IdeasTIPS:If you conduct an outside event, make sure you have a back up plan! This should also be promoted on the recruitment fliers.Whatever you decide to do, just conduct it in your community / back yard! Traditionally, people will not drive long distances and in some of the larger communities, they will not drive across town.

  • Keys to Success: Where to StartGet your date promoted:Provide Your date, time, location, program event, cost to join scouting (if any, what cost covers) and local contact name & phone # to your local professional or District Membership Chair no later than 3 Weeks prior. (A flier order form is in your packet for your convenience).The Sioux Council will print your fliers.You will work out distribution with your Executive.Fliers should be made and delivered for all First through Fifth Grades!

  • ADDITIONAL KEYS TO SUCCESSPROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTERecruitment Fliers: The Sioux Council will take care of all your printing needs. Recruitment Fliers should be placed into school Take Home Folders to promote your event.Personal Phone Calls: to prospective scouting families result in a Significantly Higher Recruitment. This has been shown over and over. It provides the personal touch. It gives parents the opportunity to ask questions Fliers cant do that.Peer to Peer: boys inviting their friends to join scouting with them.

  • ADDITIONAL KEYS TO SUCCESSBoy Talks: talking to boys in a school classroom, lunchroom or on the playground results in excited boys which then excites the parents. These would usually be conducted 1-2 days prior to your event.Be mindful of classroom time. If you are allowed 5 minutes, only use 5 minutes!!If you need help with Boy Talks, visit with your local District Executive. This is what we are here for. However, just keep in mind that they cant do all of them within your district in a short amount of time.Tips:Have something to remind the youth of the date, time and location to sign upKeep it short, repeat important informationMake it Crazy and fun (get and keep their attention)Be in Full UniformKeep it Age Specific What excites a First Grader wont excite a Fifth GraderSample Boy Talk

  • ADDITIONAL KEYS TO SUCCESSUtilize your school newsletter to promote your event.Place posters and yard signs around town and in your school (these are available tonight!)Contact your local newspaper to promote your event.Scouts wear their uniforms to schoolSet up a booth at your school Open HousePromote your event in church through the church bulletin and Sunday School.

  • Recruitment Testimonials -What has worked for them!-

  • Night of Sign UpEvery family that shows up should sign in on the Round-up Attendance Roster right away.This gives you a means of follow-up in the event that a family has to leave, or walks out with the application

    Give them the Application to Join and all handout information right after they sign in.Tell them to start filling out the application to join. Even if they say I am just here for info Ask them to start filling it out.Show them what information goes where on the application: This is your sons information, this is your information, and dont forget to sign here.Handout info: Parent Orientation Guide, Mini Boys Life Magazine, Parent Talent Survey, Pack Calendar, and Pack Leadership Roster.

  • Night of Sign UpBoys should be separated from the adults (participating in the special program event)So that you can visit with the parents about your pack and what scouting is.TIPS:DONT OVERSELL! If they are there that night that means you have them at 85% of joining. Getting them to fill out the application will get them to 90%.The last 10% is the 2 basic questions:How much will it cost?Talk about cost for that nightTalk about the popcorn sale, how it funds the unit & how boys can earn their entire wayHow much time will it involve?Talk about Den Meetings and Pack MeetingsMost requirements can be done at home, if needed.Point out the packs calendar of eventsTalk about how they dont need to be at EVERY meeting; and we DONT EXPECT them to. (unlike sports and other activities.) Just dont sell the BSA as the Babysitters of America.

  • Night of Sign UpTIPS (Continued):You should also review your units Volunteer Needs. Whether you have them or not, SET THE EXPECTATION THE FIRST NIGHT.Main reason why people dont volunteerThey werent asked.Two Main Excuses/Resistance to volunteering:I dont have the time.I dont know what to do.Keep it simple, make it fun!

  • Items to be Turned InPlan to meet with your local district executive the next day to turn in.Copy of Attendance RosterCompleted ApplicationsMake sure to check for signatures! Before they leave.ONE UNIT CHECK to handle registration fees. It is much easier for the council and local professionals to handle 100 checks as opposed to 500 checks / cash.

  • Year Round RecruitmentRecruitment of youth is an ONGOING process. As we mentioned earlier 261 new Cub Scouts were recruited between the months of October December. And this doesnt include all the youth recruited in the Spring.


  • Year Round RecruitmentNew families move in all the time.Family activity schedules change.HELP DISPELL THE MYTHS:He cant join because he wasnt a Tiger.MYTHHe was a cub scout before, he cant join again .MYTHHe cant join because, we didnt join at the beginning of the school year .MYTHAny Others?WHEN IS A GOOD TIME TO JOIN SCOUTING?!?ANYTIME

  • Year Round RecruitmentSpring RecruitmentPacks that hold a successful spring recruitment event:Have high retention of their scoutsHave better summer programsHave better fall recruitmentsResults show that spring recruitments will NOT adversely affect fall recruitments.


  • Year Round RecruitmentWe are not asking you to put together a special recruitment every month. We are just asking you to please work with us to promote the Quality Program which you already have scheduled, to prospective new scouting families so they too can receive the Values of Scouting!

  • SummaryEvery Scouting Leaders responsibilities can be broken down to 3 simple tasks:RECRUIT youth into Scouting.RETAIN youth in Scouting.PROMOTE the youth on to their next level.

    And all of this is done For Kids Sake.


    There are no individual patches or handout premiums for the Scouts this year.Ask your DE about the Sample Boy Talk. They will probably do it.Focus on the not over selling or Scaring them away.

    Talk about ways to set the expectations.Check the applications over BEFORE they leave. Check for: Grades, Birthdates, Signatures, Boys Life Completeness.

    Youth pay a full years worth of Scouting. Not just 9 months of the year.Focus on the fact that every Pack should hold a Spring Recruitment Drive. This is when they can recruit soon to be First Graders.Everything we do in Scouting as leaders can be put into these 3 responsibilities. Keeping Scouting Safe falls under both Retaining and Recruiting. Great programs fall under all three. Raising money falls under all three. Etc.


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