Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation

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2. What is your digital footprint?Activity online; such as internet searches,social media interactions, online profiles,and online accounts all leave an archive ofyour activity online.Some digital activity, or footprints, can bedocumented and retrieved by a simplesearch for your name using online searchengines. 3. Is your digital footprint valuable?YES!Personal information that is revealed byyour digital footprint can be used to makejudgments about your professionalism andcould impact your career or potential jobs. 4. Managing your online reputationThe following are ten (10) steps I havedone to manage my personal digitalfootprint and ensure my online reputation isprotected: 5. Search for your footprintI was able to search for myself using internet search engines, likeGoogle and Bing. Because I have a common name, many of theresults from these searches revealed other people that share myname. 6. Set up an alertI set up anotification systemwith Google Alertto notify me ofpostings related tomy name. 7. Personal vs. ProfessionalTo maintain an additional level of privacy, I have created separatesocial media accounts for personal and professional use. 8. Personal vs. Professional By creating separate profiles, I can better manage and monitorpostings and tags of myself in my professional and personal life. 9. Shhhhhprivacy counts!The privacy controls on my social media accounts have beenmodified so that my personal accounts cannot be found by a simpleinternet search. Alternatively, the privacy settings associated with myprofessional accounts have been relaxed so that the content relatedto my professional social media activity is easily viewable. 10. Connect with social media.With so many social media tools available on the web, I have linkedmany of those accounts to one another by using either my Facebookor Twitter login. 11. Cross link new contentAs I create new content, I share that content across social mediaprofiles. 12. In the future. To ensure a positive, online reputation I willbegin to create a professional brand bypurchasing my own url to host my blog. Maintenance of online reputation is ongoing.Continued monitoring will help ensure that mypositive reputation continues to grow! 13. ReferencesKawasaki, G. (2011, November 15) How to start managing your onlinereputation. Retrieved from, C. (2012, May 22) Four steps to managing your online reputation.Retrieved from, J. (2012, June 11) Five tools to monitor and manage your onlinereputation. Retrieved from, C. (2012, May 17) Using social media to manage your onlinereputation. Retrieved from