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  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual






    TFT Thowing SeriesTFT Thowing SeriesTFT Thowing SeriesTFT Thowing Series


    Chris Ranck-Buhr

  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual



    TFT Group




    Target-Focus Training Weapons Series, Volume One. All information pre-sented here is Copyright 2007 by The TFT Group. The terms Target-

    Focus, TFT, TFT Group, Cause-State, Effect-State, and the TFT logo are allservicemarks sm 2002-2007 of the TFT Group. All rights reserved. No part of

    this book may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without express writ-ten permission except in the case of brief credited quotations.

  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual



    Important Note Concerning TheVideo Presentation

    Why is he just standing there? Shouldnt he be

    throwing a punch or grabbing you or

    You dont expect him to be standing still whenit starts, and neither do we. Instead of attemptingto model all possible initial states of all possible

    violent situations, we are choosing to start where

    everything changes in your favorthe point whereyou cause the first injury.

    If we tried to factor in all possible initial stateshe could throw at yougrappling from every an-

    gle, with one, the other, or both hands (not to men-tion legs), standing up and on the ground; punching

    from every angle with straight punches, hooks, up-percuts (not to mention chops, claws, hammers,and elbows); kicking with the foot, shin, knee,

    backwards and forwards, out to the side, round-house and crescent; and we havent even gotten to

    every permutation of knife, stick and gunwedboth just get exhausted, the video would consist of

    a googol hours (thats a one with a hundred zerosafter it) and it would cost the National Debt com-

    pounded through all Eternity.

    Its not as useful as youd think.

    Instead, what do all these bazillion possible

    situations have in common?

    Everything changes in your favor when you

    injure him.


  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual


    Everything that happened or didnt happen be-fore the injury is immaterial. Once you injure him,you are in absolute control of what happens next.

    Whether hes throwing a punch or you just gotpunched, whether hes pulling a knife or you justgot cut, or whether hes attempting to pull off a

    Buddhas Palm Descending from low Earth orbit

    once you injure him, the rest is easy.

    Because now all you have to do is take out an

    injured man.

    And how hard is it to beat down a man with a

    broken leg?

    Starting from the initial injury gives us a

    framework within which to illustrate a physicalexample of a principle of violence. This maxi-

    mizes your ability to learn and dramatically in-

    creases your chances for success.


  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual


    Table of Contents



    Executive Summary The Big Idea 1

    Forward: Head Injury Roulette 2

    Introduction 6

    The Goal of This Product 8

    How to Use This Manual 9Training Methodology and Safety Issues 12

    Why Go Slow When Everyone Knows

    Real Fighting Is Fast? 12Why Go Slow II: The One Thing Missing

    From TFT Training 15

    Target-Focus TrainingViolence as a Survival Tool 20The Effect StateInjury & Spinal Reflexes 21

    The Triad of Violence: Penetration-Rotation-Injury 24

    Throwing: The Hammer of Gaia 28Techniques or Principles? 30

    The Difference Between a Sport Throw

    and a Combat Throw 32

    Throwing as a Special Case of Striking 34The Results: Falls, Throws, and Injuries 38

    Requirements for Throwing 46

    Components of a Throw 52The Mechanical Definition of Balance 56The Two Throw Families 58

    Slips: The Patch of Ice 58

    Leg Sweeps 58Trips: The Crack in the Sidewalk 61

    Direct manipulation of the CG

    hip pushes and pulls 62Base-break throws 63

    Drop throws 64


  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual


    Hip throws 65Shoulder throws 69

    The Power of the Bad Landing 70

    Learn more about Target-Focus Training 74


  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual



  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual


    1TFT Throwing Series

    NOTES Executive Summary THE BIG IDEA

    In violent situations you want to cause injury.

    The primary way to do this is with impact

    by striking him.

    A throw is a kind of strike.

    A throw is an uncontrolled (for him) fall that

    results in head/cervical spine and other trauma.

    You injure the man, cause him to fall and

    then control the fall to maximize that trauma.

    Throwing is using the planet as a bludgeon to

    go straight for the brain.

  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual




    I us

    ed to have a weird little hobbycollectingnews stories about people who got knocked down,

    hit their head on something, and died. It was oneof those things that started when I began training.

    It was the second article I remember reading wherethis happened, and that second iteration synced upwith all of the dumping, bouncing, slamming, and

    kicking of heads we were modeling on the mats,

    always with the typical admonition, Dont do thisif you dont want to kill him.

    I dont recall the first article I read, only the

    second. It was notable in that dj vu sense, Hey,Ive seen this before... and the fact that no oneinvolved meant for anyone else to die. A man exits

    a donut shop and is accosted by a beggar. The manrebukes the beggar; the beggar shoves the man and

    the man falls backwards, striking his head on the

    doors push bar. He later died of his injuries.

    I clipped this one out and began collectingthem, a new one every two, three months or so. Icollected them until I had a fat file folder of brown,

    curling newsprint. The sum total of theignominious ends of too many lives. And then,

    suddenly, I lost all interest in the topic.

    Why? It wasnt for a shortage of material,thats for sure. There was a surfeit of the stuff, as

    if there were only so many plotlines for personalstupidity that had to be played out over and overagain. What finished it for me was that sickeningregularity, and the fact that all the stories began to

    Forward: Head InjuryRoulette

    Forward Head Injury Roulette


  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual


    3TFT Throwing Series

    NOTES sound the same:

    A & B have a problem. B pushes A. A falls

    down, brains self and dies. B is really, really sorry.

    The problem was usually one that you or Icould solve given five minutes and a mug of hotcocoa; sometimes the deadly impetus was pushing,

    sometimes it was a haymaker. But the last partnever wavered from what youd expect: head

    bounces off something solid, person dies. Like anyhobby, youd leave it as I did; imagine if everygame of golf you played suddenly became identical

    to all the games that came before it. Youd quit,


    Now, it must be said that many more peoplebounce their heads off of things everyday, with no

    lasting effects. Ive suffered at least nineconcussions, one of which was from falling off aroof onto a brick patio (kids, tomfoolery is no

    laughing matter); another was from leaving abicycle at full speed with no helmet (and no

    hands!), though I did end up with a goose egg thesize of my fist on my forehead... Again, this

    happens everywhere, every daypeople see lights,get dazed, or knocked out, often leaving withnothing worse than a headache. Natures brain

    bucket ends up doing its job after all.

    So what then, is the difference between all thatcomedy and those few unlucky deaths? How can

    you keep Americas Funniest Home Videos from

    becoming Faces of Death?

    Heres the deal:


  • 5/21/2018 Throwing Manual



    NOTESTheres no way to know if its going to becomedy or tragedy; if youre just going to knockhis ass out and teach him that lesson or commit

    manslaughter. The obvious variables, like speed,angle of impact, acceleration, and fitness of thetissues involved are all out of your control, at least

    in any meaningful way. In other words, theres nosafe way to bounce someones head off the

    concrete. The only meaningful effect you can haveon the above variables is to do it as hard as you


    Which is to say that bouncing peoples headsoff the sidewalk, or kicking them in the head ashard as you can when theyre down, works likegangbusters when our desired goal is non-

    functionalityknocking them senseless, orunconscious, or dead. We can be assured ofnumber one, sometimes number two, andoccasionally number three. But we dont get to

    pick which its gonna be this time. You can spin

    the wheel as hard as you can hand hope the balllands someplace usefulbut you cant forget that

    one of the colors on that wheel is black, for death.

    More than anything else, this single idea colorshow we interact with violence. Its why we tellyou to let the stupid stuff slide, and, a hint: its allstupid stuff. Its why we tell you not to tear intosomeone unless youre comfortable with a terminal

    outcome. Its also why I wont tolerate peopleputting their hands on me in anger on the street; Idont want to end up in one of those stupid articles,the end of everything I am reduced to three column