Throwing & Catching

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Throwing & Catching. Nicholas Colella. Throwing. A basic movement pattern performed to propel an object away from the body. Overhand, underhand, sidearm Preparatory phase, propulsive phase, follow-through phase Examples Pitching a baseball to the batter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Throwing & Catching

Throwing & CatchingNicholas ColellaThrowingA basic movement pattern performed to propel an object away from the body.Overhand, underhand, sidearmPreparatory phase, propulsive phase, follow-through phaseExamplesPitching a baseball to the batterQuarterback throwing a football to a receiver

CatchingThe receiving and controlling of an object by the body or its parts.ExamplesCatching a Frisbee in ultimateCatching a football on a punt returnCatching a baseball to make an out

Importance in PEA variety of games in PE involve throwing and catching Important to give each skill specific attention in order to apply to game situationsStudents must have relative success in both throwing and catching before moving to utilization/proficiency levelsImportance out of PEReacting to a falling objectThrowing something away Cross-CurricularClassroom gamesBaseball





Track & Field

Progression in PEPre ControlTossing to self and catchingThrowing at a large targetCatching a rolling ball

ControlThrowing and catching over a net with a partnerThrowing a FrisbeeCatching with a scoopProgression in PE (contd)UtilizationThrowing to a moving targetPlaying Frisbee golfMoving to catch

ProficiencyThrowing to avoid a defenderThrowing and catching in a small sided invasion gameThrowing and catching a Frisbee in different places around the body with a partner


ReferenceGraham, G., Holt/Hale, S.A., Parker, M. (2010). Children moving: A reflective approach to teaching physical education. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill