The Tiger Cub: First Issue September

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This is the first issue of The Tiger Cub for the 2011 school year.

Text of The Tiger Cub: First Issue September

  • volume 102 issue 1September 29, 2011

    hastings senior high school1100 W 14th streethastings, nebraska 68901 tigerthe cub

    Whats Happening?

    Mark August 2013 on the calendar. Thats the expected date for the first classes to be held in the new science wing. I am so excited about the new equipment, and finally some air conditioning, Sophomore Shane Schultz said. Science teachers are counting down the days as well. Im very excited for the students of Hastings High, and feel privileged as a teacher to have some say in how it is de-signed, science teacher Rod Tickle said. Construction began on the wing, which will feature seven classrooms, earlier this month. Principal Jay Opperman said the addition will benefit the students in many ways. Students will be working in new quality lab facilities that will be safer, it will be easier for teachers to do more labs with students, and students will get a better science experience, Opperman said. According to Tickle the rooms will be comparable in size to room 14, the room he is in now. The rooms will be as fine of science rooms as any in the state he said. All the rooms will be vented outdoors to cut down on odor, Tickle said. He added that desks will be tables with two students per table. Three of the rooms will be designed for life science classes while four of the rooms are for physical science classes.

    Students will have rooms set up so each kid can see, hear, and participate equally. Currently this is not the case, Tickle said. From a science teachers standpoint, the new science wing is a welcome addition. As a teacher, I look forward to a room that is well designed. We will have the best setup for audio and video possibly. White boards are everywhere, kids will love these rooms. It should be even better than the Middle School. Air quality will be vastly improved to, Tickle said. Construction on the wing, which will be between Mrs. Da-vidsons room on the north end of the building, and the tennis courts, should not disrupt student parking. It will however cause some staff parking to be rearranged. Opperman said aside from some noise issues and a long walk to the tennis courts, students and staff likely wouldnt be inconvenienced. The science wing is part of an overall school improvement project, which according to Opperman must be complete by 2013. Part of that project which was underway when school began is the air conditioning of the North and South gyms. In addition the remainder of the building is scheduled to be air-conditioned. There will be new windows installed, fire safety updates will be made, and likely, if there are funds left new lockers.

    Students take spirit week to another level by participating in the tie-dye theme at Friday night football game. See pg. 2 and pg. 8 for more school spirit.



    October 1stHarvest of Harmony

    Varsity VB Tournament @ Scotus

    Varsity SB Tournament @ North Platte

    Varsity Tennis @ Scottsbluff/Gering

    October 4thDrama Club MeetingVarsity Golf Districts

    Varsity Tennis @ YorkVarsity VB vs. North-

    west High School

    October 3rdOne Act Auditions

    October 6thSchool Picture RetakesVarsity SB DistrictsVarsity VB @ Aurora

    October 8th

    KC Renaissance

    Band ~ Tri-City Marching Clinic

    October 10thVarsity Golf State Meet

    October 11thDebate ~ Public Forum Unit Final TestVarsity Golf State MeetOctober 12th

    PSAT Test

    Debate ~ Public Forum Unit Final Test

    Varsity SB State Tour-nament

    October 13th

    Varsity XC Districts @ OgallalaVarsity SB State Tournament

    Varsity Tennis State Meet

    Varsity VB @ Columbus

    October 7thOne Act AuditionsVarsity SB Districts

    Varsity XC GNAC Tour-nament @ North Platte

    Varsity FB @ York

    October 14thVarsity FB vs. Aurora

    Varsity SB State Tournament

    Varsity Tennis State Meet

    October 15thBand ~ OMI @ BurkeCity VB TournamentNMEA All-State Band & Vocal Auditions

    October 16thCity VB Tournament

    October 17thFall Journalism ClinicChamber Choir ConcertOctober 18th

    Varsity VB @ Cozad

    October 21st

    No School

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Play PerformanceVarsity XC State Meet

    Varstiy FB @ Northwest

    October 22ndNSBA Marching @ OmahaACT Test

    October 23rdPlay Performance October 26th

    EXPLORE, PLAN, and College Tours

    October 27thFall Vocal Concert

    October 28thVarsity FB State Playoffs

    October 29thDebate ~ Pre-Season

    Mock Tournament

    October 20th

    Play Performance

    Varsity VB Hastings/Lex/Norfolk TriangularLast Day of First Quarter

    On August 28, 2011 a Missouri law went into effect which states that teachers cannot have a nonwork-related website that can in anyway have exclusive access with past, present or future students. Depending on how this is interpreted, this law can also ban teachers from having Facebook accounts at all.The Facebook law, notes that teacher-student contact on Facebook or any other social media is forbidden. However, teachers can set up fan pages that are open to the public.Several HHS teachers are active on Facebook. English teacher Cathy Davis has a group for the Tiger Cub, drama teacher Katie Schultz has a group for the drama club, English teacher Delta Farjardo has a debate group and many other teachers have formed groups. Most teachers have personal accounts and school only accounts. They are all strict about not add-ing students unless it is work related. Schultz has a work-related account that she uses to com-municate with her students. I go where my kids already are. It is just so much easier because they are always on Facebook anyways, Schultz said. The Facebook law is said to be created for the students safety, to protect them from sexual harassment, and for other safety concerns. Schultz also sees both sides. I get why they have the law. I

    am all for anything that keeps my kids safe but I also feel that it might have gone too far, Schultz said.Fajardo has the same situation as Schultz because she also has two different accounts, Farjardo pointed out that the hasting public schools website, has a link so that students can see what teachers are planning for the next week. Students can also send teachers messages through the link.

    Some staff members wonder if the law is realistic. I dont think that its realistic in this day of age to limit that type of technology, Principal Jay Opperman said. Some students agree. I think its dumb, I dont think you should be able to tell someone who they can and cant be friends with, senior Kelli Poplau said. Poplau said Facebook is so much more than just a social tool. Its not fair because

    everyone has different situations and this can affect many people in lots of different ways, Poplau said. With growing technology, the Internet and related safety will continue to be a concern for school officials. At HPS teachers are encouraged to keep Facebook pages neutral with students as long as they are currently enrolled at HHS.

    Teachers De-Friend Students



    Spiffy Science Spacewyattdavis


    photo courtesy ofkelly

  • September 29, 20112 spot light

    Tigah SwagStand and yell your battle cry



    Have you caught it yet? Tigah swag is quickly becoming an epidemic here at epidemic of school pride that is. The student section has picked up this new theme of Tigah swag for the fall season and it is starting to reach all corners of the school. I cant wait to see our student section grow even bigger as the season goes on, senior Luke Fan-ning said. As we get closer to football playoffs it is important to look back and see what the Tiger football program has accomplished thus far this season. They began this season with a win against Schulyer 56-0. This was a great way to start off the season and roll into the following Fridays game against Adams Central. Practice was very focused and locked in the week before the AC game, senior Patrick Opper-man said. The intensity was good because we were all pumped to play AC. Coach Rick Ripperger spoke a little more about what practice was like the week leading up to the big game. I think the guys were real anxious, some of them wouldve rather played the game on Monday, Ripperger said. The HHS student body played a major role in the hype for the game. Everyone was expecting us to win and had a lot of confidence in us so we really didnt want to let our student body down, Opperman said. The school atmosphere was definitely affected by the game that Friday. Our kids may have been a little bit too hyped up, Ripperger said. He says this because on the fateful Friday, September 2, our Hastings High Tigers fell to the Adam Central Patriots 13-3. As a coaching staff, we had a rough time putting our finger on why the mistakes that were made happened because they were very crucial. Maybe we lost focus, Ripperger said. Though the Tigers did not come out with a victory that night, the coaching staff and coaches still had a positive outlook on what was to come for the rest of the season. No one wanted to lose to AC but after our post-game talk we know that we can learn and take things from the loss to make ourselves better. Each week we grow as a team, Opperman said. If you sit and dwell about the past, you will go nowhere, Ripperger added. Coach Ripperger and his staff did some thinking about the game and came up with a saying they feel will better the team. When you make a mistake, do the next thing right, Ripperger said. The following wee