Tiger Cub The Newest Rank in Cub Scouting. Tiger Cubs History of Tiger Cubs Highlights:  1982  Introduction of Tiger Cubs, BSA  1986-1993  Fast Start

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Tiger Cub The Newest Rank in Cub Scouting Slide 2 Tiger Cubs History of Tiger Cubs Highlights: 1982 Introduction of Tiger Cubs, BSA 1986-1993 Fast Start video, iron on paws, Group Coach, support materials, basic training 1996 Tiger Cub dens part of pack, more frequent meetings, more resources, belt totem 2001 Tiger Cub Handbook, Tiger Cub den leader, rank advancement program Slide 3 Tiger Cubs Search, Discover, Share The Tiger Cub Task Force: Searched out ways to enhance the program for first grade boys Discovered, through experience and market research, elements that can help to ATTRACT and RETAIN more boys Shared these elements in a new rank advancement program Slide 4 Tiger Cubs What hasnt changed? A LOT! Tiger Cubs is still a fun, relatively simple program for 1 st grade boys and their adult partner, who share leadership and learn about Cub Scouting. The newly enhanced program is designed to be age appropriate for first grade boys. Slide 5 Tiger Cubs Whats the Point? Attract more boys and retain them longer! C S R E U I G T B Slide 6 Tiger Cubs Leadership Tiger Cub den leader Fast Start and Basic Training Wears Adult Leader uniform Actively participates in pack leadership meetings Coordinates shared leadership Adult partner Shares in leadership of den Participates along with boy Slide 7 Tiger Cubs Dens Each month: 2 den meetings 1 Go See It 1 pack meeting Adult partner attends and participates in all activities along with the Tiger Cub Adult partners share leadership of dens Slide 8 Tiger Cubs Uniform Tiger Cubs wear official orange uniform T-shirt Optional: Newly designed Tiger Cub uniform cap Blue Cub Scout pants Blue Web belt with Tiger Cub buckle Blue Cub Scout socks Slide 9 Tiger Cubs Support Tiger Cub Handbook Cub Scout Program Helps Cub Scout Leader Book Monthly Cub Scout Leader Roundtable Attend split session along with Cub Scout Den Leaders Slide 10 Tiger Cubs Advancement Tiger Cub The newest rank in Cub Scouting Slide 11 Tiger Cubs What happens to the Webelos Badge? Diamond-Shaped Badge If boy did not participate in Tiger Cubs For those boys who were in Tiger Cubs but did not earn Tiger Cub rank Oval-Shaped Badge To aid in the transition to Boy Scouts Worn only on tan uniform and with no other ranks or arrow points Slide 12 Tiger Cubs Trail to Tiger Tiger Cub Belt Totem Cub Scout sign Cub Scout salute Tiger Cub motto Presented in a pack meeting Slide 13 Tiger Cubs Five Achievement Areas Making My Family Special Where I Live Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe How I Tell It Lets Go Outdoors Slide 14 Tiger Cubs Three Activities in Each Achievement Area Family activity (white bead) Den activity (orange bead) Go See It (black bead) Slide 15 Tiger Cubs To Earn the Tiger Cub Badge: Making My Family Special Family Where I Live Family Keeping Myself Healthy & Safe Family How I Tell It Family Lets Go Outdoors Family Making My Family Special Den Where I Live Den Keeping Myself Healthy & Safe Den How I Tell It Den Lets Go Outdoors Den Making My Family Special Go See It Where I Live Go See It Keeping Myself Healthy & Safe Go See It How I Tell It Go See It Lets Go Outdoors Go See It Slide 16 Tiger Cubs Recognition Beads are awarded in den setting After a total of 15 beads are earned (5 beads of each color) the Tiger badge is awarded in a pack meeting The Tiger badge is affixed to the totem and is sewn on the blue shirt when the boy transitions to a Wolf Cub Scout Den Slide 17 Tiger Cubs Electives The Tiger Cub Handbook has 50 elective choices Electives may be repeated One yellow tiger track bead for each 10 electives completed Tiger tracks are awarded at pack meetings Flexible- to meet the needs of each boy Slide 18 Tiger Cubs Character Connections Connect an activity to one of the core values of Cub Scouting Head What do I know? Heart How do I feel? Hand What can I do? Slide 19 Tiger Cubs 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting Citizenship Compassion Cooperation Courage Faith Health and Fitness Honesty Perseverance Positive Attitude Resourcefulness Respect Responsibility Slide 20 Tiger Cubs Bobcat Badge The Bobcat badge may be earned at any time after the Tiger badge has been earned Save for blue uniform Slide 21 Tiger Cubs Outdoor Programs Yes!!! Tiger cubs should participate in age appropriate Cub Scout camping opportunities offered by your council Councils create outdoor opportunities Boys like outdoor activities Slide 22 Tiger Cubs Final Thoughts Tiger Cubs are the future of a pack Tiger Cub adult partners are the future leaders of a pack Slide 23 Tiger Cubs Questions and Answers