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  • 7/29/2019 The Starkville Dispatch eEdition 9-23-13



    Addison Jones

    Kindergarten, Annunciation

    High85 Low62Mostly sunny

    Full forecast on

    page 2A.

    Five Questions

    1 According to slogans, what candyMakes Mouths Happy and is FunYou Can Eat?2 Who began singing with collegeriend Bobby Hatfeld in 1962?3 In 2005, who became the frstproessional goler to win the sameevent the Mizuno Classic in fveconsecutive years?4 What playwright took the title WhosAfraid of Virgina Woolf?rom grafti heonce saw written in soap on the mirror

    o a Greenwich Village bar?5 In Carlo Collodis novel, whom doesPinocchio angrily kill with a mallet atthe beginning o the book?

    Answers, 6B

    insideClassifeds 5BComics 4B

    Obituaries 5AOpinions 4A

    LocaL FoLks

    Dr. Susanne Cunninghampractices at Curtis OptometryClinic in Columbus.



    EstablishEd 1879 | Columbus, m ississippi

    CdispatCh.Com FREE!

    monday | sEptEmbEr 23, 2013

    Tuesday through Saturday,Sept. 24-28Possum Town Storytelling Festi-val: Internationally known storytellersLen Cabral, Carmen Agra Deedy andKuniko Yamamoto weave words intomagic at the second annual PossumTown Storytelling Festival presentedby the Columbus Arts Council. Pro-grams or all ages will be presented

    at the Rosenzweig Arts Center, 501Main St., in Columbus. Ask about thestorytelling and origami workshops.For inormation, contact the CAC, 662-328-2787 or visit

    Wednesday, Sept. 25Table Talk: Dr. Kendall Dunkelburg,Mississippi University or Womenproessor o English, previews the

    speakers at the 25th annual EudoraWelty Writers Symposium (Oct. 24-26). Bring lunch at 11:30 a.m. andsocialize; iced tea provided. Or joinriends rom noon-1 p.m. or the pro-gram. For more inormation, contactthe library at 662-329-5300.

    Thursday, Sept. 26History and Traditions of SECFootball: This undraiser or the

    Mississippi State Wesley Foundationeatures SEC historian Dr. Mark Wind-ham rom 6-8:30 p.m. at the FirstUnited Methodist Church. Food andellowship is 6-7 p.m.; Dr. Windhamspresentation is 7-8:30 p.m. Ticketsare $25, available through Sept. 18at the FUMC ofce and Wesley boardmembers. Call 662-323-1778 ormore inormation.

    Win $2,550! Play CASHWORDS, See page 5A


    [email protected]

    On the eve o breaking ground on theirnew plant in Clay County, Yokohama TireCompany made another statement o com-mitment to the Golden Triangle area.

    The global tire manuacturing giantannounced plans to give $250,000 each to

    Mississippi State University and East Mis-sissippi Community College Sunday.

    On hand or the announcement were

    newly-named YTC Mississippi presidentTadahuru Yamamoto, MSU president MarkKeenum, EMCC president Rick Young,Yokohama Rubber Company president Hi-komitsu Noji and Mississippi governor PhilBryant.

    The oc ial ground -breaking ceremony,which was not open to the publ ic, was heldat 9:30 a.m. today.

    Yamamoto said he hopes the gi t wi ll as -sist the two institutions o higher learningin developing workorce training programsthat would be instrumental in helping YTC

    Mississippi and other Golden Triangle areaindustry orward.

    Yokohama gives $250K to both MSU, EMCC

    AP Photo/Andre Penner

    In this Sept. 16,2013, photo,

    Enio Guarnieriwipes the VWemblem o his1972 Volkswa-

    gen van, in SaoPaulo, Brazil.

    Guarnieri, whokeeps his blueand white van

    or Kombi in hiscluttered garage,bought the vehi-cle a year ago tostoke childhood


    Long, strange trip endingfor Volkswagens hippie van

    THE AssOciATEd PREss

    SAO PAULO It carried hippiesthrough the 1960s, hauled surers insearch o killer waves during endless

    summers and serves as a workhorseacross the developing world, but the

    long, strange trip o the Volkswagen vanis ending.

    Brazil is the last place in the world stillproducing the iconic vehicle, or bus asits known by acionados, but VW says

    production will end Dec. 31. Saety reg-

    Bzl, l pl wl pg ,

    wll p d. 31

    Matt Garner/Dispatch Sta

    President oYokohama Rub-ber CompanyHikomitsu Noji,let, and Missis-sippi GovernorPhil Bryantpose or photosduring the Yoko-hama Communi-ty Giting NewsConerence atthe Ritz Theater

    in downtownWest Point onSunday.

    See Volkswagen, 6A

    See Yokohama, 6A

    t mpy b g

    cly cy pl

    Highest honors

    William Browning/Dispatch Sta

    Columbus resident Joseph R. Johnson sits on the back porch o his East Columbus home Friday morning. Johnson is a veterano World War II and will receive the French Legion o Honor Tuesday.

    Columbus resident to receiveFrench Legion of HonorBY WiLLiAM BROWNiNG

    [email protected]

    On the 640-acre Alabama arm hegrew up on, 16-year-old Joseph R.Johnson told his ather he wanted

    to join the Army a ter World War II brokeout.

    Being underage, Johnson neededhis athers signature to go o to war.His ather didnt like that idea. Johnsonpersisted.

    We had a world to save, he said lastweek. I we let Hitler alone he wouldtake over the world.

    His ather nally relented and hisyoungest son went o to war. On June 6,1944, Johnson took part in the Invasiono Normandy in France. Thousands diedon that beach, but the Allies won thebattle and, roughly a year later, the war.

    Youre looking at a miracle, Johnsonsaid while talking about the battle. AndId do it again.

    Today, hes an 88-year-

    old Columbus resident

    living on Lehmberg Road.

    On Tuesday, he will re-

    ceive the French Legion o

    Honor during a ceremony

    in Jackson. The distinction

    recognizes contributions

    and acts o bravery. It is

    Frances highest military honor.

    In all, 11 Mississippi residents will

    receive the honor Tuesday.

    J m nmy b g Wl W ii


    Seehonor, 6A

    Starkville seessecond-bestJuly on record

    in sales taxreceiptsWl 2 p

    l, 2013 ll

    mly g pg

    p w l yBY cARL sMiTH

    [email protected]

    Starkville collected $441,240.29in non-2 percent sales tax receipts orJuly, a gure which represents thesecond-best July on record or thecity.

    Sales tax returns or the calen-dar year continue to track closelyto 2012s pace. The city is averag-ing $462,780.52 monthly in generalreturns this calendar year, a g-ure close to last years average o$470,133.21.

    Julys total also represents a newhigh or the current scal year, atimerame that spans rom October2012 to Sept. 30. So ar in FY 2013,

    Starkville has distributed about $5.72million in sales taxes. That gureeclipses FY 2012s total distributionby about $154,000. The city is cur-rently outpacing its FY 2012 monthlyaverage by about $14,000.

    Although the months non-2 per-cent receipts refect summer growthin the citys economy, it also rep-resents the second-lowest grossingmonth or this calendar year. OnlyJanuary saw less sales tax income($430,732), while Julys mark rep-resents $1,000 slide rom June, the

    See sales tax, 6A

  • 7/29/2019 The Starkville Dispatch eEdition 9-23-13


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