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  • 7/28/2019 Chowke starkville


    By ALEX

    WEST POINT Achi Qis 2008caital m cas will ac aoth la a-t a Mississii 16th Cicit jg gat amotio th s to allow his attos

    to withaw.Jg L Howa allow Chow L-mma a Imhot Al-la to withawom Qis s, citig halth cocsLmma st to him.

    I li th ocmts sot thhalth isss a mical gim a issswol qi that th cot sstai his (L-mmas) motio to withaw, Howasai.

    Lmma st mical ocmta-tio which Howa lac sal

    a ot h to ha a sios mi-cal xamiatio i Jacso ig th wo th tial.

    Qis tial was schl o Moa.Qi was st to ti o a cot o

    caital m, aggaat assalt, gla oa wllig a shootig ito a wllig. Th

    cas ga i Stm 2008 wh Qiallgl o ito 45-a-ol T Joh-sos Otiha Cot hom a otlshot Johso a 35-a-ol Stac Ga.Ga i om ijis.

    With Qis s tam withaw,Otiha Cot Cicit Cl Gl Ham-ilto sai h wast s wh th cas wolsm.

    It s stictl o th cocil a howamilia h ma with th cas, h sai. Iwol xct, thogh, that h wol

    aqat tim to a. Im s th jgwill ha som iscssios a will gi himootitis to l motios. Its all owat th momt.

    Howas lig cam at h i thss motio to withaw as o th -slts o th J micial lctio i Jacso,

    i which Lmma wo a maoal ac. A-twa, h aoit Al-la t cit


    ServInG STArkvILLe , OkTIbbeHA COunTy And MISSISSIppI STATe unIverSITy SInCe 1903

    D NEWS


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    Staill th-ga Watt Shaaha cam to MississiiStat uisits vio Gam egiig Cam waig aT-shit listig a ioic tal o lmts o th io gamMicat.

    I Micat, las s ths lmts as ilig locs,

    Chokwe Lumumba (oreground) andImhotep Alkebu-lan withdrew romrepresenting Archie Quinn in his 2008capital murder case. Lumumba fled towithdraw based on medical issues. (Photoby Ax Hooay, SDN)

    Defense team withdrawsfrom Quinn murder case

    Cams lato sig, il

    w io gams

    By MARY

    Staill ocials, oth lct a aoit, gaiw scti a cam ac ottiall mo qito hal cit siss at attig th 2013 Mississi-i Micial Lag Smm Coc this w. eachmm o th Staill boa o Alm, Mao pa

    Wisma a aios cit sta a atmt has att- th coc i hos o gttig a tt gas o thwoigs o cit gomt.

    Th 82 aal t, whichga Sa, o a ait ocoss with toics agig om asicaliamta oc to ac. Itoi a alal tool o th citsalm, aticlal with o wmms, sai Wa 4 Alma Ja-so Wal.

    It was a goo xic,Wal sai. I l li I got a goostat, a I got to mt a lot o olwho ha i this ositio oa o a lot o goo oits aiomatio.

    As a w alma, Wal sai

    h lt th itoctio to cit acwol s him wll, scicallwh it cam to th gtig o-css. Wal sai th taiig soghtto mi lct ocials that atica laig wt a log wa towaaoiig th italls o t a mai-taiig goo cit.

    Th thig that all stics ot om is th sta mi that go-mt is a ocss, Wal sai. e-thig o o qis aistaigtail a wo. yo ot jst sao gs a its o. yoot wat to o athig to t thcit i a a sot.

    Cit Cl/Fiac Oc TaloAams att th coc, as

    wll, a sai h gai alal i-sight as it tai to laig a lomt a thst was to maximiz th cits t o taxal ot,i aitio to sttchig th cits olla as a as it wol go.

    Th w a m o thigs (I la) that I l willallow o oc to mo cit a mo ioati ith wa w ca ot th cits siss. I was aticlalimss with th lct that alt with maagig asawl a ilig sit.

    Aams sai th coc oi a goo ootit

    City ofcialsreturn romconference




    Above, Chance Speed (let) and Payton Brigham testdierent video game level designs Friday at MississippiState Universitys Video Game Engineering Camp. At right,

    Shae Heiselt, a camper at Mississippi State Universitys VideoGame Engineering Camp, drops a vessel made o commonhousehold items containing an egg rom McCain Hallssecond-story window in the hopes that the vessel will protectthe egg. Helping her is Lydia Allison, academic servicescoordinator or the MSU Bagley College o EngineeringsK-12 and diversity programs. (Photo by Stvn Nay, SDN)

    See GAmeS | Page 3 See mml | Page 3

    See QUiNN | Page 3

    MSUs Russellon Walter CampAward watch list

    See Page 6S T A r k v I L L e d A I L y n e W S . C O M I Saturday, July 20, 2013 I v o l m n o . 1 0 9 , I s s n o . 2 0 1 I 5 0 C t s

  • 7/28/2019 Chowke starkville


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    be 60 words or less, written in completesentences and submitted in writing atleast fve days prior to the requested

    dates o publication. No announce-ments will be taken over the telephone.Announcements submitted ater noonwill not be published or the next dayspaper. To submit announcements, email


    u Support group ThTamatic bai Ij S-ot Go will mt at 10a.m. at Wi Woos Co-slig, 309 e. Lami St. Fomo iomatio, call Liz at312-7625.

    u Ministerial Alliance Th Otiha Cot Mi-istial Alliacs (OCMA)

    mothl mtig will at7 a.m. at Sig Hill M.b.Chch Hw. 25 Soth. Fomo iomatio, call 418-3747.

    u Peaceful protest Aacl otst mach will hl at 10:30 a.m. om 182Washigto St. i Staill toth Otiha Cot Cot-hos o noth Washigto.Fo mo iomatio callrot Hamilto at 769-0734o dooth bisho at 312-1499.


    u Church anniversary roc Hill uit Mtho-ist Chch will clat thpastos aisa with thchch at 3 .m. Th r.To Stalligs o nw Ziouit Mthoist Chch willsa at th t.

    uChurch homecoming Th Mt. pil batist Chchwill clat its 122Chch Aisa/Hom-comig at 8 a.m. Sa. Thgst sa will r. d.Laz Cat a th Fistbatist Logiw ChchFamil. Th chch will hol

    a amil icic om 10 3 .m. Sata, Jl 20 atMoci pa. All om ast mms a iit toatt.


    u Vacation Bible School Sco batist Chch at314 yats St. i Staill willhost vacatio bil Schoolom Jl 22-26 giig at 6.m. ightl. This as thmis Salatio. Fo mo io-matio o tasotatio, callTamm pll at 312-7302o Sco batist Chch at323-6177.

    u Summer music campat SFUMC Staill Fistuit Mthoist Chchaocs gistatio o aw-log smm msic camo lmta chil whoha comlt gas thi,oth, th a sixth to hl om 9 a.m. to 4 .m. thw o Jl 22 at th chchlocat at 200 W. LamiSt. rgistatio oms ca o at th chch wsit, It shol comlt a t toth chch oc alog with

    a chc o $50 ma ot toSFuMC. Fo mo ioma-tio, call pt Iag, i-cto o msic miistis, at323-5722.

    u Rotary Club btChists, xcti ictoo Mississii dlomtAthoit is th gst sao th rotas mtig atStaill Cot Cl. Hwill itoc rotaia

    Stat vac.


    u Habitat for Humanity Staill Aa Haitat oHmait will host a amilita mtig at 5:30 .m. atth Fist pstia Chchat 307 uisit di iStaill. Citia o am-il slctio will otlia alicatios istit.Thos itst i comiga at amil a iit toatt. Fo mo iomatio,call 324-7008.


    u Revival services nwbllZio Chag will holits smm ial Ws-a thogh Fia at 7 .m.ightl at nw Light uitMthoist Chch at 4265nw Light roa. Th licis iit to att.


    u The Starkville Commu-nity Market Th StaillCommit Mat (co oJacso & Lami Stts) isi o olts to assist

    i th sttig a taigow o th mat Sat-a this smm. I o aitst i lig a hl-ig ha, las cotact JamMatt ho at 601-888-5826 o mail at Jam@oltstaill.og.

    u Mayors Youth Coun-cil Th Staill Maosyoth Cocil is ow acct-ig alicatios o mm-shi o th comig a o2013-14. To owloa thalicatio, isit www.cito-staill.og. All alicatiosma mail o lito Staill Cit Hall, 101

    Lami St., Staill, MS39759. Alicatios will acct til Ag. 15. Fomo iomatio, call th323-4583, xt. 100

    u 8 Habits of Success-ful Relationships and ActiveParenting Th will aclass o th 8 Haits o Sc-cssl rlatioshis a Ac-ti patig at th emsoFamil rsoc Ct om

    11 a.m. to 1 .m. o Tsasi Ma. baaa Clso

    bSF Maiag Coslo aelmai Ca boos, pojctCAre Maag will la class-s. All classs mst attto comlt th ogam. Call662-320-4607 to gist.

    u Teen Parenting Coali-tion classes T patigCoalisio ntig pat-ig classs will hl 4:30-6.m. Thsas at th emsoFamil rsoc Ct. Call662-320-4607 to gist.

    u Supply drive dltausilo Sigma MississiiAlmi Gol TiaglChat will collct school s-lis o Sth elmta

    School til Sata, Ag.3. Fo mo iomatio, call

    (601) 227-1283.u BrainMinders Puppet

    Show Staill pilot Clos a baiMis ptShow o gos o aot 25o w chil o -schoolo low lmta ag. Thshow lasts aot 15 mitsa tachs chil aotha /ai sat. Chilalso ci a actiit oowhich iocs th showssat mssags. To schla t show, cotact LisaLog at LLLOnG89@hot-

    mail.comu Dulcimer and More So-ciety Th dlcim & MoSocit will mt om 6:15-8.m. sco a othThsa i th StaillSotslx actiitis oom. Jamsssios a hl with th i-ma istmts ig lci-ms, t oth acostic ist-mts a wlcom to joi ilaig ol msic, taitioalallas a hms. Fo moiomatio, cotact 662-323-6290.

    u Samaritan Club meet-ings Staill Samaita Clmts o th sco a oth

    Moa o ach moth at 11:30a.m. i McAlists dli (CoachsCo). All ottial mmsa oth gsts a iit toatt. Th Samaita Cl s-ots Amicaism, wos to -t chil as, ois com-mit sic a sots othogams. Fo mo iomatio,mail o call 662-323-1338.

    u Worship services

    Lo Cit Fllowshi Chch, at305 Mati Lth kig J. di

    i Staill, will hol woshisics at 11 a.m. Sa.Aostl Lamois richaso isasto.

    u OSERVS classes OServS is oig mltilcoss o th commit ao halth ca ossioals tos aiss wh a m-gc sitatio lag o smallaiss. I itst i haigOServS coct o o thscoss, l to cotactth agcs oc ho at(662) 384-2200 om 9 4 .m. Moa to Thsao om 9 a.m. to 1 .m. oFia o sto th ocs at

    100 Highwa 12 east at SothJacso Stt ig thossam hos. Fs a assss aticiat a icl allcssa taiig matials.

    u Spring speaker series A it sa oStaills 175th itha cl-atio will sa at 7 .m. Thsa i th JohGisham oom at th Mitchll

    Mmoial Lia.uGED classes emso