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Redefined: FBC Starkville March 2015

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Text of Redefined: FBC Starkville March 2015

  • R E D E F I N E DF B C S TA R KV I L L E M A R C H 2 0 1 5

    S P I R I T U A L D I S C I P L I N E S

    W h a t a re t h e y a n d w h y s h o u l d I p r a c t i c e t h e m ?

    P. 8

    W H Y E A S T E R ?W h y J e s u s ? W h y M e ?

    P.1 0

    G I V ES t o r i e s f ro m t h o s e w h o a re

    g i v i n g o f t h e m s e l v e s .P.1 4

  • 2 M a r c h 2 0 1 5 | I s s u e 3


    W H Y E A S T E R ?W h y J e s u s ? W h y M e ?

    S P I R I T U A L D I S C I P L I N E S

    W h a t a re t h e y a n d w h y s h o u l d I p r a c t i c e t h e m ?

    8CHURCH STAFFC H I P S T E V E N S S E N I O R PA S TO R | [email protected]

    C L I F TO N C U R T I SA S S O C . PA S TO R O F PA S TO R A L C A R E & FAC I L I T Y A D M I N .

    [email protected]

    TO M J E N K I N S A S S O C . PA S TO R O F M U S I C & M E D I A | [email protected]

    N AT H A N TAY LO R U N I V E R S I T Y & M I S S I O N S M I N I S T E R | [email protected]

    N E I L T U L LO S YO U T H M I N I S T E R | [email protected]




    [email protected]

    4 First Word from Chip Stevens

    FEATURES5 Ray Building Redefined

    8 GATHER: Passion Week

    16 GO: Canvas Church of Victoria, British Colombia

    OUR CHURCH FAMILY18 Senior Adult Spotlight: Dot Edwards

    19 Our Church Family Updates

    20 Parents Page/Upcoming Events

    21 Calendar

    G I V ES t o r i e s f ro m t h o s e w h o a re

    g i v i n g o f t h e m s e l v e s .

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    Twitter: @fbcstarkchip

    aster and Christmas are the two cornerstone events in the church calendar. The celebration of Easter is a celebration of the rest of the story. As Christmas is the celebration of how God became a man and dwelt among us, Easter is the celebration of how Christ died for us and was raised again on the third day conquering sin and death and giving believers freedom from

    the penalty, the power and ultimately, the presence of sin. The Bible says that when we trust in Christ as Savior and Lord of our lives, old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new (2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJV). Our lives begin to tell a new story as we walk in the Spirit and follow His will and His way.

    In this months issue of Redefined, youll read many stories. Youll read the story of Easter and how God loved us so much that even as Adam sinned in the Garden, God began His plan of redemption in Christ. Youll read the stories of how the lives of people have been changed as a result of their faith in Christ. Youll read stories of Gods grace, stories of answering Gods call to serve both locally and internationally. Youll read the story of FBCs partnership with a family who is sharing the gospel in Canada so that more life stories can be changed.

    Read about the opportunities God is providing for you to continue your story of faith. We have continued weekly service and studies with a special week coming soon to celebrate Easter. Passion Week begins on March 29 and continues through April 5. Well also have a special series beginning at 5:00 pm in the Outreach Center on March 15 called Spiritual Disciplines.

    As you read these articles, ask yourself, Whats my story? We encourage you to find a quiet place to sit, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these stories. If youd like to know how Christ can help change your story, wed love to help you know how. Thank for allowing us to share these stories with you as we GATHER, GROW, GIVE and GO with you!

  • F B C S TA R K V I L L E . C O M 5

    hen FBC opened its new Childrens Building on February 8, one chapter ended while another began. For fifty-seven years the Ray Building has been the Sunday School home for infants and children. While they, with great anticipation, went to their new rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Childrens Building, their parents gathered nearby in the

    former childrens rooms of the Ray Building for their own Sunday School classes, thus, beginning a new chapter for the Ray Building.

    First Baptist has always placed a strong emphasis on studying the Word of God. On October 7, 1957, members of FBC started using their brand new educational facility, the Ray Building, named in memory of their former pastor, J. D. Ray. It was built at a cost of $193,000 and furnished at a cost of $14,500. When the Ray Building opened, all different ages, from bed babies to college students, used the building each Sunday. For years, the church family used the fellowship hall for midweek prayer meetings and church fellowships. Since 1967, the Ray Building housed the Creative Learning Center. The building has been used by thousands of people and has played an integral part in all the ministries of the church.

    You might ask how the Ray building is being used today. Young adults and university students are using 12 of the rooms for Sunday School, leaving an additional 6 rooms for starting new adult classes in the future. The Starkville Chinese Church uses the Fellowship


    B Y C L I F TO N C U R T I S

    CLIFTON CURTIS serves as our Associate Pastor of Facility and Pastoral Care. You can connect with him on The City.

    Hall of the Ray Building for Friday night Bible study and for fellowship meals after their Friday night Bible studies and after Sunday morning worship. Also, the church archives, older library books, and discipleship materials will be moved to the second floor for nearby access.

    Future plans for the building include changing the colors from preschool colors to colors more suitable for adults, refurbishing the restrooms, and, most importantly, starting new adult classes in the additional rooms.

    Thanks to the sacrificial giving of FBC members in the past and its solid construction, the Ray Building will continue to serve FBC as a place where Gods Word can be studied for years to come.

    Young adults and univers i ty

    students are us ing 12

    of the rooms for Sunday School ,

    leaving an addit ional 6 rooms

    for start ing new

    adult c lasses in the future.


    B Y H O L LY F R O N

    s Easter quickly approaches, we are reminded how holy this time of year is. It is when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross. He gave His life so that we may have eternal life with Him. It is a somber thought, to think of how He suffered and died for us. But because of His suffering and death, we have hope and a reason for rejoicing.

    Christian tradition calls the week leading up to Easter Passion Week. This is the week that Jesus spent in Jerusalem preceding His

    death. The week begins with the Triumphal Entry. Jesus had been travelling, teaching and performing miracles. A crowd had gathered as He went and began to follow Him and His disciples towards Jerusalem.

    Matthew gives us his account of the Triumphal Entry in chapter 21: The disciples went and did just as Jesus directed them. They brought the donkey and the colt; then they laid their robes on them, and He sat on them. A very large crowd spread their robes on the road; others were cutting branches from the trees and spreading them on the road. Then the crowds who went ahead of Him and those who followed kept shouting: Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in


  • F B C S TA R K V I L L E . C O M 7

    the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven! (Matthew 21:6-9 HCSB)

    The crowd not only gathered together to see and hear Jesus, but also to celebrate His arrival. They were so overwhelmed with joy that they couldnt contain it. They most likely did not know why Jesus had come to Jerusalem, even though Jesus had already alluded to His death. They only knew that He had come and the city of Jerusalem needed to know their Savior had arrived. They prepared the way for Jesus into Jerusalem, just as we need to prepare our hearts for Easter.

    At FBC, we celebrate Palm Sunday with a dramatic musical presentation by our Celebration Music Ministry.Last year, the music ministry presented the story of James, brother of Jesus, and the early church after the ascension of Christ. The Passion Play last year helped me focus on the true meaning of Easter. The costumes really took me back to Jesus time, says Kathy Jenkins. This years dramatic musical presentation will again focus on the early church. Entitled, No Outcasts, the early church learns that there are no orphans with God.

    Passion Week at FBC Starkville continues with a special Midweek Service on Wednesday evening. During this service, we will observe the Lords Supper. It is a time to remember the Passover Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples and also to remember His sacrifice on the cross. JoLee Clark says, The Lords Supper is a physical representation of Christs sacrifice on the cross. He commands us to do this in remembrance of Him and the Lords Supper is a great way to remember what Easter is all about.

    The Friday before Easter, the churches in the Starkville community will host the Stations of the Cross event. During this event, local churches present different Scripture passages detailing the events of Passion Week. We will again join together as a community this year to hear the story of Jesus journey to the cross. It is a wonder

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