The Culturally Responsive Classroom

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The Culturally Responsive Classroom. By: Rhonda Phillips. What is a culturally responsive classroom ?. Allows and encourages diversity among the students and teacher. It provides a safe environment for all students to be themselves and be heard. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The Culturally Responsive ClassroomBy: Rhonda PhillipsWhat is a culturally responsive classroom?Allows and encourages diversity among the students and teacher.It provides a safe environment for all students to be themselves and be heard.It provides rigor in the course content by utilizing differentiation strategies.It teaches problem-solving, conflict resolution, and critical thinking skills.It incorporates students culture into the curriculum and classroom environment/climate.Classroom Environment and ClimateIncludes walls, seating, lighting, sound, materials, and technologyExhibit student workAllow the students to decorate the room (with guidelines)

Classroom Environment and ClimatePost and make clear rules, routines, and expectationsAllow students to create the expectations for the classroom

Classroom Environment and Climate (cont.)Teach problem solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolutionGroup work Listening and speaking skillsKnow and understand the leaning needs of all students, including gifted, ELL, disabilities, and socio-economic statusPersonal inventoryLearning Style InventoryRecognize opportunities for learningBe cognizant of the things people are saying and the way they are saying them

RelationshipsActivitiesCultural Concept MapPersonal ProfilesDescribe Yourself in 6 WordsAttend events within the communities of your students.Festival of the Forks *Dont be afraid to know your students

Festival of the ForksA 2-day non-stop festival celebrating Albions community spirit.Shopping, activities, dancing, cultural experiences, parade, and music.

Curriculum and AssessmentStudent-Centered Instruction and Authentic AssessmentsELAMeaningful ObjectsWalking in the Shoes of OthersScienceWeather, Weather EverywhereDiversity in Plants and WildlifeSocial StudiesLife TimelineOjibwe Dying Quills DesignsMathGraphing DifferencesSweat Shop MathHeirloom Geometry



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