Culturally Responsive Assignment

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Culturally Responsive Assignment. By Mike Gauen. Classroom Demographics. 27 students (9 th grade biology) 85% African-American, 15% Latino 2 EH students, 3 LD students, 1 MiMH student 2 of the Latino students are in ESL program High mobility rate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Culturally Responsive Assignment

Culturally Responsive Assignment

Culturally Responsive AssignmentBy Mike Gauen

Classroom Demographics27 students (9th grade biology)85% African-American, 15% Latino2 EH students, 3 LD students, 1 MiMH student2 of the Latino students are in ESL programHigh mobility rateAverage reading level (2nd-3rd grade)

Criteria for my lessonActivity should be simple and short (1-2 days)Homework should involve a parent (for high mobility parents)Needs translations and picturesEasy wordingUse standardized curriculum

Limiting Factors in a population (Los factores restrictivos en una poblacin)Limiting Factor: A factor that causes population growth to decrease.

Population: a group of individuals of the same species that live in the same geographic region

Competition (Competicin)When populations become crowded, organisms compete with one another for limited resources.

Predation (Rapia)Predator: Organism that lives by preying on another organism.

Parasitism and Disease (Parasitismo y enfermedad)Parasite: An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism.Disease: an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning

Environmental conditions(condiciones ambientales)Examples:Unusual weatherNatural disastersSeasonal cycles

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