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Culturally Responsive Classroom Management 111 (part 2) for New Teachers in BTSA.


  • 1. + CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT III: Culturally Responsive Management Presented By: Gita Stowe & Ingrid Dumas-Mayol March 18 & 20, 2014 SJUSD Human Resources
  • 2. + Management Trainings I. Framework II. Engagement & Motivation III. Culturally Responsive Management SJUSD Human Resources
  • 3. Self Reflect Group Talk End ofYear Information Q&A Agenda
  • 4. Cultural Competence Self Assessment Making connections to Self & Classroom Please read The Culturally Proficient Professional Cultural Competence Self-Assessment
  • 5. + Self- Assessment Go to the section you connected to the most Assesses Culture Values Diversity Manages the Dynamics of Difference Adapts to Diversity Institutionalizes Cultural Knowledge SJUSD Human Resources
  • 6. + Smaller Discussion groups Directions: Divide yourself into smaller groups of 3-4 SJUSD Human Resources
  • 7. + Questions for Discussion What pattern(s) did you notice about your responses? What would you like to know, do, or learn as a result of your answers? SJUSD Human Resources
  • 8. + Thinking Ahead Chart group write: What do you still want to learn about cultural competence? SJUSD Human Resources
  • 9. End of theYear Questions?
  • 10. + Due Dates SJUSD Human Resources PT1 due date Tax Day (4/15) PT2/ECO due date Cinco de Mayo (5/5)
  • 11. SJUSD Human Resources
  • 12. + Due Dates SJUSD Human Resources PT1 due date Tax Day (4/15) PT2/ECO due date Cinco de Mayo (5/5)
  • 13. + Final A&As SJUSD Human Resources Will take place in April Mid May
  • 14. + Purchasing Units SJUSD Human Resources USD BTSA/Induction units Located under BTSA web site under quick links Purchase by June 1
  • 15. SJUSD Human Resources
  • 16. + Any Questions?? SJUSD Human Resources
  • 17. + Closure SJUSD Human Resources Tonights evaluation 2 Surveys: Assessment of Experience BTSA State survey
  • 18. + Materials Needed Article: Cultural Responsive Classroom Management Strategies from Metropolitan Center for Urban Education Oct 2008 Cultural Competence Self-Assessment from Cultural Proficiency (Lindsey,Robins,& Terrell 2009) Self Assessment guiding questions Info sheet with A&A info, units Evaluation Chart paper