The Big Mash Up or The Future of International Data

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The Big Mash Up or The Future of International Data. The World Banks Open Data Initiative. Eric Swanson Development Data Group The World Bank July 2010. The Open Data Initiative. Changing the Banks data business. Open Data Initiative. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The Big Mash Up or The Future of International DataThe World Banks Open Data InitiativeEric Swanson Development Data GroupThe World Bank July 2010Changing the Banks data businessThe Open Data InitiativeOpen Data InitiativeOn April 20th, the World Bank announced a new policy on access to its data bases

Open DataOpen Data Phase 1Free access to over 2,000 key indicatorsApplication Programming Interface (API) for software developersWeb site with new data views and search facilities, and Multilingual access to data (300+ indicators in English, French, Spanish, Arabic)

5Open Data ObjectivesNew site: 13,500 unique visitors/dayIncreasing access Some stats8New Web site:

Multilingual indicator lists

New data search toolMedia reactions: development community

17Media reactions: technical community

18The challenges aheadBeyond Open DataRealizing the Open AgendaApps 4 Development ChallengeGlobal competition to promote applications that use the Banks Open Data to explore, explain, understand the challenges of developmentBring together programmers, statisticians, and development specialistsExpecting visualization tools, mash-ups with other data sources, etc.Formal launch October 2010Prizes awarded April 2011Most interesting app to date?

More data needed

Climate change: impacts and adaptation Crime, conflict, and violence Wealth and sustainable growth Human and physical capital stocks and natural resourcesValue added in services by sector

Better quality data

24Access to micro data

Standards for data exchange

More information on the World Banks data programsOpen Datadata.worldbank.orgInternational Household Survey Networksurveynetwork.orgBulletin Board on Statistical search for BBSCPS: The original mash up