Create Values from Big Data & Social Media Mash-Up

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The term, Big Data, sounds overwhelming. By breaking down Big Data into four different quadrants [Booz & company model], Pam Didner shares a simple process for marketers to tackle big data. It's very vital to clearly identify what you want to solve and select the right tools to conduct your analysis. Separating signal from the noise is an essential skill that marketers will need to develop. Insight from big data, like fashion, is constantly changing. Searching insight from big data is like crafting the art which is never finished. It's an on-going effort.


  • 1.Create Values fromBig Data& Social Media Mash-upPam Didner(@pamdidner) Global Integrated Marketing Manager #omsummit, @omsummit1

2. Big DataInsight 3. Big Data comes in different forms...Google+Facebook Mobile Phone / GPS Credit History TwitterInstagramTravel HistoryBlogsPinterestReal Estate Records Census DataExternal Sensor Data External Sensor Data CRM Web Profiles Online ForumsWeb FeedsSales Records SharePoint HR RecordsSensor DataFinancials InventoryText DocumentsSource: Benefitting from Big Data from Ramesh Nair and Andy Narayanan, Booz & Co.3 4. The Realities...Reality 1: No one tool is able to pull data from four quadrants.Reality 2: Big Data requires testing assumptions and optimization.Reality 3: Insight from Big Data is assumptive.4 5. Create Value from Big Data and Social Media Define the problem to be solved DrawDefine your assumptiveknowns and insights unknowns TestFind thehypothesesappropriate& optimize tools5 6. Case Study Leverages Structured and Unstructured DataMobile Phone / GPSGoogle+FacebookCredit HistoryTwitterInstagram Quant.Sysomos/Radiant 6Travel History ResearchListening Blogs PinterestReal Estate RecordsCensus DataExternal Sensor Data CRM Web ProfilesOnline Forums Web Feeds Sales Records SharePoint HR RecordsSensor Data Financials InventoryText Documents6 7. Case Study: Aid Strategy SettingProcess1. Define what youIs Intel perceived as a thought leader in cloud want to solve. computing?How does Intel compare among industry leaders?Should Intel launch a cloud campaign?2. Know your knowns Known: Major Leaders in Cloud Computing and unknowns.Known: Key Words for searchPartly Unknown: What is the current Cloud Computinglandscape?Unknown: Where does Intel stand? Intels share ofvoice?3. Select appropriate Sysomos (Listening and Monitoring Tool) tools. On-line Survey in three countries7 8. Social Listening: Share of Voice 2% Share of Voice0% 0%10000 3%0%3% 8000 5%21% 6000 7% 40008% 17% 200010% 012%12%3-153-193-233-273-314-124-164-204-244-285-105-145-185-225-265-306-116-156-196-236-277-137-177-217-257-298-108-148-188-228-268-309-119-15 4-4 4-8 5-2 5-6 6-3 6-7 7-1 7-5 7-9 8-2 8-6 9-3 9-7 #7A B C D EFIntelGHIJ KLM193,871 157,269 113,702 112,861 93,608 77,101 64,455 46,791 31,197 24,384 19,0984,516 3,3442,8958 9. Social Listening: Share of Voice #7 AB C D EFIntelGHIJ K L M193,871 157,269 113,702 112,861 93,608 77,101 64,455 46,791 31,197 24,384 19,098 4,516 3,344 2,895Intel experienced heightened activity between September 10th and 14th 2012. Discussions around theIDF2012 drove Buzz.A spike on April 24, 2012 for A company is seen due to the major product launch.Significant increase in activity for B company is observed between the 21st and 31st of August 2012due to the launch of its Software Suite.9 10. Case Study: Aid Strategy Setting Process 4. Test hypothesesSysomos: Filter un-relevant data and adjust key words.and optimize.On-line survey: Determine aided and unaided results. 5. Draw assumptiveSysomos data doesnt fully align with on-line surveyinsights.results. Intel is in the middle of the pack. The targeted audience is open to hear Intels cloud vision.Action: Introduce Intels cloud vision as a key strategic initiative.10 11. Future Case Study: Break down data silosOn-Domain:Off-Domain Owned: Off-Domain Non-Owned: Omniture Sprinklr Sysomos Top IP CountriesClick through rateShare of Voice Top Referral Source Top Content Mentions per Network Top Languages Top Content by Category Top Influencers Shares Per VisitChannel Playlist ViewsTop Used Keywords Top SharesTop Video Views Sentiment Analysis Top Downloads Total Impressions Gender Profile Top Blog Posts(Combined) Demographic Changes Top 3 ActionableTop Interactions (Combined) Top Geographic Regions InsightsTop Time of Interactions Top Trending Subjects Top Time for Impressions Competitive Analysis Weekly Actionable Insights11 12. Three Key Takeaways 1: Clearly define what you want to solve. 2: Separate signal from the noise. 3: Constantly test your insights.There Is No Short Cut!12