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  • The Serial Mash library

    The children have loved the books and they are so eager to read

    them each week. They have gone from being a group of children that do not like reading aloud to all of

    them with their hands up and eager to read!

    Simon Widdowson, Teacher, Porchester Junior School

    Assess Each chapter comes complete with a range of online and printable comprehension and SPaG exercises.

    LearnThe in-built definitions help children grow their vocabulary and their confidence.

    WriteThe activities are themed around the chapters so its a natural transition from reading to writing.

    ReadRead the latest serial or pick a book from the library and enjoy it on a tablet, computer or together on the electronic whiteboard. Illustrations and animations help bring the story to life.

    A new chapter every Monday

    New books every term

    Books for KS1 and KS2

    Curriculum relevant topics

    20+ books in the library

    Read on tablets

    Read at home

    Best Whole Curriculum Resource

    Serial Mash improves literacy by giving children stories they wont want to put down and themed writing activities that transport them right to the heart of the action. All this is supported by comprehensive teacher resources including online comprehension quizzes and printable SPaG worksheets.

    The plots are out of this world!

    The writing activities have been a roaring success.

    Well inspire even the most reluctant readers to enjoy reading.