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  • 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of other photographerswork (P1, M1, D1)Photographer: Edgar Berg12

2. 34 3. 56 4. Theme or focus of imagesThese images are both fashion photography and street photography, This is becausethe photographer took images of the high street and used a model wearingfashionable clothing. These images are a good source for street photographybecause behind the model you can get to amazing street images, and even with themodel there it just makes the image more likeable. The focus of these images is themodel and the fashion side of things but I wanted to use these images to look beyondthe fashion and see that there images have excellent street photography in them.Most of these images are taken from about chest height but the angles do change, asyou can see there is a floor shot. And also a mid-way down shot.Within the images I can see that behind the model is a standard day to day street, thismeaning that it isnt set up, or made to look the way it is. I can also see how thephotographer has used the streets environment to his benefit, like inn image 6, the girlis leaning against a stop sign. But also in image 3, where the girl in lying on the loor andthe bridge I right above her (composition wise)CompositionThe way the photographer composes his images is to portray street fashion, but in myeyes it does a lot more than that, it shows the streets and things we see every day anddone may much attention too. And using these images it makes these objects standout a lot more. The use of the model and the building work really well. This I because ofthe way the model and the building fit in together, an work really well together.Techniques usedThe shutter speed for most of these images would have to have been quite high, this isbecause the photographer mainly takes images in highly light areas. The rule of third inthese images are done really well and he must have took a lot of time to do. This isbecause the placing of the model and the streets are well done.The depth of field for this image would have been very low, this is because most of theimage is clear and focused, and not leaving any blurry areas. However on a fewimages the model is the main focus and the background is a bit blurry And the ISO forthese images would have to have been quite high too.Strengths & WeaknessesIn was really hard choosing weaknesses and strengths for these images because Ireally like them:Strengths: The way he uses the street in the image to contrast against the model works really well The edits on the colours on the images like the black and white, or the vibrant colours.Weaknesses:: The use of the street could have been heightened.. The angles he takes the images of could have been a little bit better.