Task 1 – experimental photography

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  • 1. BelaBorsodi was born in Vienna and is an Austrian still life photographer living in New York. He studied fine art and graphic design as well as having an interest in psychology. He had a keen interest in photography but he got into it more when his friends started working for magazines and asked him to take photographs for them, and so this lead to his career being a photographer shooting; portraits, reportage, and some fashion pieces. His work has also appeared in magazines such as; Vogue, V magazine, Wallpaper magazine and Another magazine. He also has worked with fashion brands such as Selfridges and Hermes.

2. These photographs are very non-traditional as they have a new look to them, you can tell they are new images (created in this era) and therefor are contemporary images, as they aren't artefacts and they aren't showing you any historical moments. They are just very experimental photographs with are new and fresh looking compared to being old.In the first image it is very unique. At first I thought this photographer was a woman as I just based it on this type of images they had feminine things in (such as handbags) and also I based it on the colours as there are a lot of pinks and reds in, but this photographer is a man. I do like the image as I think its a different approach, it doesnt look as if they have edited it on the computer like in some images you see it looks they had it like that in the shoot.The second image is a bit different to the first one but it still goes along with the theme of what he is doing. The first one was based around fashion but this is a but different, it is basing it on a drink but I think he is selecting statement point of fashion such as sunglasses to put in his photography.The third image is based around fashion again going back to what the first one was like, this one is like the first one that it is showing things in a weird way, in the first image the items were being held by something and this one has handbags pilled on top of each other on top of a little bag.The forth image is not based around fashion (I dont think) it looks like he is photographing toys but he is still photographing weird things, so he is keeping along with his theme but going in different directions when it comes to what he is photographing.I think these images would be shown in a magazine as they are based around fashion and are the only suitable place, I dont suppose you would see them in a gallery, you may but I think a magazine or a book would be more appropriate, you may see them on a billboard if they were used for advertising but like I say they are more appropriate for a book. 3. Jane Ward currently lives and works in London and graduated from the Royal College of Art MA Printmaking course in 2007. Her work has appeared in many exhibitions; Up a Hill Backwards, Bearspace, At the Edges at the Angus Hughes Gallery (2013), Images of the city Print room London 2012 are just a few to name. Her work has featured in things such as; Artfutures in 2002, Celeste Art prize 2007 and Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2008. She was also awarded the Terrence Conran Foundation award and the Tim Mara Prize. At this moment in time she is working with digital print and so her work is constructed from digital photographs which are broken down into a collage creating images of fragmentary, imaginary and transient land/cityscapes. 4. The techniques used are very traditional as they seem quite old and not very modern. They are also more historical images compared to contemporary as they look quite old images and have an old style to them and they dont look very modern.In each image it goes with the same theme of what looks like a place with something happening in it. Like I said each image looks old and you cant really figure out what the image is of, but it looks like a collage of images put together to make an interesting place. In the first image its quite bizarre and looks like some kid of war had gone on and that was the aftermath.In the second image (which I think they are all kind of alike) looks like anther collage of things making it into a place. This image is just of the pace and is showing you what it looks like, it has no people in which in way makes it quite empty but there is still a lot going on in the image.The third image is different to the other two as there is a lot more going on in this image as to; the colours the colours are a lot brighter in this image compared to the previous images which were quite dull and none of the colours really stood out and the fact that this image is more surreal which I think is the type of photography she goes for.The last image is like the first to nothing really stands out and has a lot of colour but it still fits with the on-going theme of making the images look quite surreal. This image does have some colour in but is still quite plain I thin this image has something to do with flowers as that is what it looks like in the middle however the rest of the image looks like its been taken near the sea on the beach. 5. Clarence John Laughlin was born in 1905 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was an American photographer and was well known for his surrealist photographs. After a difficult childhood he discovered photography at the age of 25 and then taught himself how to use a 2 by 2 camera and then began working as a freelance architectural photographer and was employed by many agencies from the likes of Vogue magazine, but after a disagreement with the editor he left and worked on personal projects and experimented with different photographic styles and techniques from very simple geometric abstractions of architectural things, to staged allegories utilizing costumes, props and models. After this he became the first true surrealist photographer in the US and also wrote a book Ghosts along the Mississippi which was published in 1948. He later died in 1985 on January 2nd and left behind a huge collection of images and books but they continue to be shown around the US and Europe. 6. I like these kind of images as I think that they are different compared to other as its I mixture of different techniques. The images I think are historical they look old and are showing old things and they dont look new and taken in this era but they aren't showing historical moments. I think the techniques used are quite traditional they are quite basic but follow an old kind of theme.All of the images follow a black and white kind of theme they dont have any colour in and therefore its all about the image. The first image I like as it is quite different and is using a good technique - its creating a person out of different images and I think that looks good and is different from the other images as they are just of a person.The second image is showing a different technique its an image of a photo with everything reflecting in the background which I think is a good look.The third image is also following a different technique this one just looks like a normal image of a person with things added to the image, I dont really like this image as I think its quite busy and isnt really different compared to the other images.The last image I really like its not an image of a person its of a staircase which looks really good, there's no colour in this but there is no need for it as it gives a good effect without any colour. I think this image is taken well as its taken from the right angle and its showing you the full view of the staircase going down.