Photography skills task

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What did you have to do?Why did you do it?What feedback did you get?What have you learnt?How will this help you when you make the magazine?

We had a group of different pictures and we had to recreate them. We did the task to give us different ideas for our images when producing our magazines. The main feedback we got was to focus on our cropping skills and being aware of our background. I have learnt when taking a photo to have different points of focus and depth of field and to use different angles.This will help me when making my magazine to experiment more with different angles and positioning of people.

StrengthsClearGood camera angle

WeaknessesBad positioningFlatNo focus

Dirty Shot

StrengthsGood camera angle Appropriate affectGood lighting

Weaknesses He should not be coveredCould be cropped

StrengthsCentredGood expressions

WeaknessesBlurryCould improve tightnessPeople in the background

Critcism pt 2For the first picture, we can see Ryan in the background and it's also Rahul's hand is blurry. You can also see a poster in the background which ruins the picture. BUT, they're not all looking at the camera which is good and one's behind the other so it gives a layered effect and you can see that Josh is the main focus.

For the second picture, the settings really good and it gives a sense of depth. Manvir's behind Farhad and this makes it look layered. Also, they're each looking in different directions. However, Manvir shouldn't be covering her face and you could crop the top part of the picture.

For the last picture, the filter is really good and the fence is good and the background on the left is also good. However, the cars on the right ruins the picture, you've cropped out Racheal's shoes which is bad and you can't see their eyes so yanno.

Overall, work on your croppping skills