Task 4 photography theme ideas

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<p> 1. Photographytheme ideas IDEA ONE Slowshutterspeed portrait 2. Photographytheme ideas IDEA TWO EmotionalClose-Up 3. Photographytheme ideas IDEA THREE Formaland InformalPortraits 4. Photographytheme ideas IDEA FOUR EnvironmentalPortraits 5. Photographytheme ideas IDEA FIVE Light Painting- Any numberof lightsourcescan be used,although generally flashlightsarethemost common.Lightpens,candles,and variousfiberopticscan be used aswell. The sky is the limit, use yourimagination!Likewith otherlong-exposurephotography methods,a tripod mustbeused.Set yourcamera fora long exposure(30secondsor more),and usea remoteshutterrelease if available (orthe timer function availableon almostall cameraswill workaswell). The actuallocation you shootin should be asdarkas possible,obviously working atnightis best.We wantthe objectyouredrawing orhighlighting to stand outasmuch as possibleagainstthedark background.Sincewereshooting a long exposure,wecan setour apertureto a smaller setting;start with f/8 to f/16 and experimentfromthere.This will ensurecrisper shotswith a full field of depth. 6. Photographytheme ideas IDEA SIX Macro Photography IDEA SEVEN High Speed Photography 7. Photographytheme ideas IDEA EIGHT NightPhotography </p>