Task 3 investigating experimental photography techniques

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Task 3

Task 3Investigating Experimental Photography Techniques

Harris Shutter Effect

Harris Shutter Effect

Harris Shutter EffectThe harris shutter effect has 3 colour filters which are green, blue and red. The effect was invented by Robert S. Harris of Kodak in order to make different coloured layers in the photographs. To create the harris shutter effect, the same photograph/frame is taken in the different coloured layers while keeping the camera still which creates the look of a rainbow on the parts of the photograph that moved. For example, the one pictured is of moving waves which wouldve moved while the different coloured filters were taking the photograph which is why the waves are multi-coloured. This is a good subject to take photographs of because the water is constantly moving. It has become easier to create the harris shutter effect as using Photoshop can merge the 3 coloured layers together which creates the effect for you instead of taking all 3 photographs. Using Photoshop is a better way of creating the photographs because you can also allow you to correct anything.

Light Writing Effect

Light Writing Effect

Light Writing EffectThe light writing effect is taken by using a slow shutter speed. It is a form of stop motion photography as it captures the movement when taking the photographs. The photographs use a 4-30 second exposure which gives the camera chance to pick up every bit of movement in the frame. This gives the optical illusion that the light is moving in the photograph. The frames have to be sequenced to create the look of a word, like the one pictured. The light writing effects can be produced using a digital camera or film camera. The effect can be created by using any source of light (it does not have to be a torch) as the camera will pick it up and create the effect. This effect creates something interesting in photographs as it creates things that are not actually there but make the photograph look more interesting. The effect has the power to create doodles and writing onto photographs which is a clever way to create some unusual images.