Task 3: Photography portfolio

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<ul><li> 1. PHOTOGRAPHYPORTFOLIO!By josh brown</li></ul> <p> 2. ALL IMAGES 3. PORTRAIT BESTI really like this portrait photo andbelieve that it is one of my bestbecause it shows a good clear crispimage of matt. I think it clearly showsall the main features of the face andis a successful portrait. 4. PORTRAIT OTHER! 5. MACRO BESTI think that this is my best macrophoto because I think it shows thisplant in extremely good definition.The photo has come out crisp andvery clear with no blur. This imagehas no un focused point and is asuccessful macro image. 6. MACRO OTHER 7. ABSTRACT BESTThis is my interpretation of a abstractimage. I think out of the few I tookthis was my personal best this givesthe viewer a mysterious unsure kindof atmosphere. I think during thispart of photography I found this theeasiest because I have anunderstanding of abstract. 8. ABSTRACT OTHER 9. ARCHITECTURAL BESTI think this is my best image becausethis genre focuses on buildings andman made objects I think this is mybest of showing that. I made surethat I really included buildings andthe man made sphere. 10. ARCHITECTURAL OTHER 11. ABSTRACT EDITSNormal Edit </p>