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  • Syro-Malankara Catholic Church

    Mar Ivanios Bhavan J-Block 61-62, Paryavaran Complex

    IGNOU Road, Neb Sarai New Delhi-110 068

    Diocesan Bulletin

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    Krupa Nidhan

    Patron H.E. Jacob Mar Barnabas The Bishop

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    Krupa Nidhan

    Message of the Shepherd The entire Malankara Church is journeying through the holy pilgrimage of Nombu. The Moonu Nombu (3 Days Nombu) and the Valiya Nombu (50 days Fast) mark a Malankarite’s preparation for the Great Feast of Qyomto. These are the days whereby one directs one’s thoughts and minds on the salvific plan of the loving Father. The ‘Holy Sleebo’ becomes the focus of our reflection.

    During the days of the Fast the ‘Believing Community’ constantly reflects on the entire tradition of Nombu as found in the Sacred Scriptures, calling it as the ‘Blessed Nombu’ and prays in humility to Lord Jesus to make His Church worthy of practicing the days of fast, foster reconciliation and tranquility within Her and enlighten the minds of her faithful with Wisdom. The prayers of the Church are a reminder to the faithful that it is their Lord Himself who guides the entire Church throughout the days of the Fast. The 40 times prostration praying ‘Kurielesion’, specific to the Malankara tradition, is symbolic of the Church’s desire to unite herself with the Passion of Her Savior and seek mercy.

    Students from our different Parishes, Units and Mission stations are preparing themselves for the coming Central Board Exams of Classes X and XII during these days. The prayerful ambience at our homes during Nombu Season will provide a fruitful opportunity to blend spirituality with academics.

    The Diocesan Level Annual Convention to be held on 5 to 7 February will provide a good occasion to come together and deepen our Spiritual Orientation and enflame our Mission Spirit. It is not a coincidence but providence that all our priests and Pithavu will be having their annual retreat from 1 February to 5 February. Please keep us in your prayers.

    Frequent participation and worthy reception of the Holy Qurbono, the Sacrament of Confession and family prayers along with time for reading of the Holy Bible should become a regular feature of our lives especially during the days of Fast. Each and every family of our Diocese will be in my prayers.

    God bless you all. Yours in Our Lord + Jacob Mar Barnabas

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    Krupa Nidhan

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    Krupa Nidhan

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    Krupa Nidhan

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    Krupa Nidhan

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    Krupa Nidhan

    YEAR OF MERCY PROGRAM OF THE DIOCESE OF GURGAON (8 December 2015 - 20 November 2016)

    1. Diocesan Level

    • Official Beginning in the Diocese: 13 December 2015 - Holy Qurbono, Inaugural Address and Liturgical Service etc at the Cathedral.

    • Sending the “Prayer for the Year of Mercy” to Parishes

    • Sending the Logo of the Year to Parishes/Institutions

    • General Projects: Food for Hungry, Informal Education for Children etc.

    • Special Projects: “Walk with a Family” and “Send a Child to School”.

    • Reach the Unreached: Spreading the Joy of the Gospel

    • Conclusion of the Year of Mercy on 20 Nov. 2016

    a) For Clergy and Religious

    • Animation : “Jesus Christ - the Face of Father’s Mercy” • Pilgrimage • Give Importance to the Sacrament of Reconciliation • Monthly Recollection with Eucharistic Adoration

    b) For Pastoral Council

     Animation : “Jesus Christ - the Face of Father’s Mercy”  Public Acts of Mercy (Practical)

    c) Commission and Departmental Level

    • Animation/Retreat : “Jesus Christ - the Face of Father’s Mercy” • Public Acts of Mercy (Practical)

    2. Institutional Level (Religious Houses, Seminary, Schools etc.) • Animation/Retreat :“Jesus Christ - the Face of Father’s Mercy” • One Pilgrimage • Public Acts of Mercy (Practical-Witnessing)

    3. Parish Level  Opening the Door of Mercy & Placing of the Logo  Animation/Convention : “Jesus Christ - the Face of Father’s

    Mercy”  Reciting of ‘Year of Mercy’ Prayer after Holy Qurbono  Pilgrimage

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    Krupa Nidhan

     Reaching the Unreached: Spreading the Joy of the Gospel (local level)

     Public Acts of Mercy (Practical Witnessing)

    4. Family Level  Ensuring the Sacramental Life of the entire Family members  Guaranteeing of Morning and Evening prayers in the family.  Reciting ‘Year of Mercy’ prayer after the Evening Prayer  Individual Confession (Once in a Month)  Public Acts of Mercy (Practical - witnessing)  Reconciliation of Broken Families and shattered family


    5. Individual Level (Laity, Seminarians, Religious, Priests and Bishop)  Daily Prayers and Sacramental Life  Reaching the Unreached: Spreading the Joy of Gospel  Individual Spiritual and Corporal Acts of Mercy


    To feed the hungry, Quench the thirsty, Clothe the naked, Welcome the stranger, Heal the sick, Visit the imprisoned and Bury the dead (Mt.25:31-45) (This biblical reference is the basis of all the acts of mercy, hence it should be given due importance.) Social Realm: • Sharing with the poor, financial assistance, marriage assistance,

    educational assistance, housing assistance, employment assistance etc.

    • Mercy towards the weaker sections in the society – children, women, widows, aged, disabled, mentally retarded, backward sections of the society etc.

    Ecological Sphere: Waste management, water management, electricity management, controlling of air pollution, planting trees, cleaning the surroundings and public places etc.

    Spiritual Acts of Mercy: To counsel the doubtful, forgive offences, instruct the ignorant, admonish sinners, comfort the afflicted, patiently bearing those who do us ill, pray for the living and the dead, avoiding luxury.

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    Krupa Nidhan

    GD/DoC/2016/04 21 January 2016

    Dear Rev. Fathers, Sisters, Headmasters, Teachers and loving students of Sunday School,

    Greetings from the Department of Catechesis, Eparchy of St. John Chrysostom!

    The time of Nombu is already here inviting all of us to reflect on the Passion of Jesus. The Nineveh Fast and the Valiya Nombu are days of intense prayer and moments of deepening our relation with Lord Jesus. I wish and pray that these days may be moments of grace and blessing for each of you.

    The Second Semester Session which is already in progress will conclude with the Exams to be held on April 24th 2016. The Syllabus, Question Bank and updates of the Department is posted in the blog

    The HM’s are requested to forward the names of those students of previous academic years of Class X who are in need of Certificates or Completion Course Certificates. A request letter mentioning the year of the completion with a recommendation from the Parish Priest is required to issue the same. Please do the needful before January 31st 2016.

    As mentioned in the previous Circular 03 I am still awaiting the return of filled forms with the details of the students beginning from Class I and the contact details of HM’s and all those concerned with the MCCL. The process of Documentation can begin only when the data is made available.

    Please notify through mail the requirements of Catechism Text Books needed for your Unit so that the Department can make it available in time.

    Wishing You the Blessings of the Nombu !

    Thanking You,

    Fr. Mathew (Jigmy) Koodaparambil Director, Department of Catechesis


    Paryavaran Complex, Block J- 61, 62, IGNOU Road, Neb Sarai, Saket,

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    Krupa Nidhan


    Indore Mission initiated

    Very Rev. Fr. Sam Pathackal and Rev. Fr. Charles gathered together 18 members of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Rite for the first ever gathering in Indore on 1 December 2015. The gathering included Prayer Meeting and discussion regarding the endeavors to expand the Community.

    YUVA 2015

    The annual youth meeting YUVA was conducted at the Bethany College of Nursing, Durg, Bhilai on 2 December 2015. The week long fest of Arts, Sports, culture and literature was inaugurated by the Mayor of Durg along with other Muncipal Council Members.

    Birthday Celebrations of the Bishop

    The birthday of H.E. Jacob Mar Barnabas was celebrated on 7 December 2015. A thanksgiving Mass was offered by the bishop at Cathedral, N


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