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Student-Centered Learning. All of the items you see today will be available to download along with a list of additional helpful websites: Teacher-Centered Vs. Student Centered Learning. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student-Centered Learning

Student-Centered LearningAll of the items you see today will be available to download along with a list of additional helpful websites:

Teacher-Centered Vs. Student Centered LearningExamples of Student-Centered ActivitiesOutside Lecture In LectureIndependent ProjectsShort discussion in 2sReflective Writing or Learning JournalsReflective WritingPeer MentoringStudent Class PresentationsDebatesPoster PresentationsWriting Newspaper Articles/Editorials

Role PlayChoice in subjects for study/projectsWhat can I use in my classroom?Games & Assignment Ideas

Choice of Project: Tic-Tac-ToeHave each student complete menu at the beginning of the 6 weeks or semesterStudents will choose three projects in a tic-tac-toe design (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). The projects they choose should be interesting to them, supporting their motivation to learnDuring the semester or 6 weeks, student is responsible for completing the 3 assignmentsTemplates:

Knowledge list, define, tell, describe, identify, show, label, collect, examine, quote, name, who, when, whereComprehension summarize, describe, interpret, contrast, predict, associate, distinguish, estimate, discuss, extend Application apply, demonstrate, calculate, complete, illustrate, show, solve, examine, modify, relate, change, classify, experiment,Analysis analyze, separate, order, explain, connect, classify, arrange, divide, compare, select, explain, infer Synthesis combine, integrate, modify, rearrange, substitute, plan, create, design, invent, what if?, compose, formulate, prepare, generalize, rewrite Evaluation assess, decide, rank, grade, test, measure, recommend, convince, select, judge, explain, discriminate, support, conclude, compareComprehension or EvaluationApplication or EvaluationKnowledge or Analysis

Example Learning Contract- Ancient Civilizations Grade 6As an ancient mapmaker, you are commissioned to create a map of your land including all natural land forms, a compass rose and a scale. Also find examples of each land form in a modern civilization.Imagine that you are an ancient citizen who awakens to discover that all water has evaporated. Explain in detail how this would alter your way of life. Also, do this for the town where you live.Assume you are persuading others to visit your ancient civilization. Design a descriptive, accurate travel brochure. Include both natural and man-made elements that would attract tourists.You are an ancient scribe. Write and illustrate a thorough description of a famous character from each time period being studied. Profile yourself also.Assume the identity of a famous person from the given time period. Create a journal entry reflecting the ideas, values, and components of daily life for that person & you.You are a famous sculptor. Create a 3D representation of a well-known leader, god, goddess, or common citizen. Include a museum exhibit card.Written language is an essential part of everyday life. Your task is to create an alphabet. Include a translation into modern English, a written description of the language development a & a 3D artifact of the new language.Recreate in 3D form a famous work of architecture from your time period. Compare and contrast this piece to one piece of modern day architecture. Find one example of this architectures presence in modern day society.Find a way to explain and show the importance of music and the arts to your culture. Also show at least 2 examples with roots in our time.CONTRIBUTIONSIMPORTANT PEOPLEGEOGRAPHYCharles Kyle & Kathy Reed * Illinois

Students:take on a particular roledevelop a product for a specified audience in a particular format on a topic that gets to the heart of a lessonFlexible for different learners and level of independenceTypically short in duration Can be completed at school or home

RAFT: Role, Audience, Format, Topic

R Role of the writingA Audience who will be reading the writingF - Format of the writingT - Topic or subject of the writingExample 1:TrumanDear AbbyAdvice ColumnProblems with General MacArthurExample 2: George WashingtonMartha LetterDifficulties in training the colonial army


Reinforce Vocabulary, People, or Events

Teacher randomly gives out a set of cards with the name or term and a statement

Teacher begins and finishes

Can be used throughout the year as a short review game at the beginning or end of class

Game: I have . . . Who has . . . S1 - "It has protons, neutrons, and electrons"

S2 - "I have atom. Who has the three states of matter"

S3- "I have solid, liquid, and gas. Who has the atomic number of oxygen?"

I have, who has Game Example

I have, Who has Game Sites:Label a ball with questions or promptsThrow ball and say name of a person or characterIdentify the part of the hand or finger the student is to look atThe student answers question based on the person/character teacher selects

Beach Ball Game

Designate a spot in your classroomChoice the topic, book, country, person, whatever works with your disciplineHave students put a fact about the topic every week or soYou can have students sign up for this throughout the year or assign them to update the information In the Spotlight

Have students collect cereal boxesDesignate different spots for info., for example:Front: Picture and nameSide: Bio info (where nutritional info goes)Other side: triviaBack has the most significant infoCould be done as a presentation; items could be put in box that represent topicCould also use placemats for similar activityBreakfast of Champions

Students research guests and come up with a scriptGroups of 3 or 4, base size on different roles: (host and guests)Example guests: Civil rights activists, pop culture figures, etc., people affected by an event, like Chernobyl (farmer, fisherman, etc.)Can incorporate debate based on guests selectedWe Need to Talk