SPEAKING ACTIVITY: MAKING PLANS FOR A HOLIDAY Speaking Guide: Dialogues and questionnaire

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SPEAKING ACTIVITY: MAKING PLANS FOR A HOLIDAY Speaking Guide: Dialogues and questionnaire. Dialogues: Making Plans. Making arrangements : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Speaking Guide: Dialogues and questionnaire

Dialogues: Making PlansMaking arrangements:Dialogue: Holiday Plans

Alice:What are you going to do this Summer?Gavin:We're going to travel to France.Alice:Oh that sounds great! Are you going to stay in a hotel?Gavin:No, we aren't! I hate hotels! So, we are going to go camping.Alice: By the way, who is going to travel with you?Gavin: Karen is.Alice:But Karen's blind, isn't she? Does the camping have facilities for blind people?Gavin:No, it doesn't. But she doesn't need them! either!Alice:Oh I see... Well what are you going to do there?Gavin:We're going to visit the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.Alice:Good! How long are you gping to be away?Gavin:Mmmh.... Unfortunately we're going to be away for only one week...Alice:Will you bring me back a picture of the Eiffel Tower?Gavin:Of course we will!


Intentions for the future:Dialogue: Expressing predictions about the futureAlice: What will you do when you finish school?Gavin: Ill study Maths at University.Alice: Oh, What a nice idea! Will you go to Madrid? Gavin: No, I wont. Ill go to Seville.Alice: So, will you live there, or will you stay in a University school? I Think that living alone in a flat will be very hard.Gavin: Ill stay in a students lodge near Montequinto, because I will study at Pablo de Olavide University.Alice: I hope so, because you need a high mark at your A-levelsGavin: I think Ill have high marks on A-levelsAlice: Unfortunately, we wont be together, Ill go to Madrid to study LawGavin: What a pity!Alice: Dont worry! We can goon holiday together if we want to!Gavin: Sure I willAlice: See you thenGavin: See you!

Questionnaire: Group workQuestions A:1.What are you going to do next Summer?2. Are you going to go to the beach or the mountains?3. Are you going to buy any presents for your family?4.What activities are you going to practise there?5. How long are you going to stay there?6. Who are you going to go with?7. What are you going to visit there?8. Where are you going to stay?9. Which languages are you going to use there?10. Are you going to take some photosQuestions B:1. What will you do when you finish school?2. Which subjects will you study at University?3. Which jobs will you have?4. Which house will you buy?5. Which house will you have?6. How many people will you have in your family?7. Where will you live?8. How will you travell?9. How long will you live?10. When will you retire?


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