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<p>Sren Ryberg | 48 years</p> <p>Address: Bjrnebakken 11, Hillerd, Denmark 3400</p> <p>Home: +45 48266844 Cell: 28807139 soerenryberg2002@hotmail.com</p> <p>Status</p> <p>| Married</p> <p>Children | 2 (12, 16)</p> <p>Languages</p> <p>| Danish, EnglishEducation</p> <p>| Msc. Ba (Cand.Merc) International business and communicationFree time</p> <p>| Bicycling, swimming, active vacations with family and friendsCurrent Job</p> <p>| Nordisk Risk Management, IBM Dnmark</p> <p>International meetings </p> <p>On Nordic level I work closely with customers and management to define the security risk profile and ensure that all service management activities are thoroughly defined and agreed to and that all risks are closed in close cooperation with the customer. I have been Service Delivery responsible on large and complex IT systems and in close cooperation with the customers created the base for high customer satisfaction while being the key part in negotiations.Global thinking My main interest has allways been to be able to work across cultures and with people from all over the world. Thats why I did choose to study for an international Msc. Ba. I have build and extended several networks as the key person in the establishment of the communication lines with the customer and colleagues to ensure security and compliance postures. It is a daily pleasure and challenge to work with people from all over the world and I do appreciate all the inputs. </p> <p>Quality and ManagementI have been focal IT Business Architect in a conversion project on a major SAP system. As part of the take over I evaluated at ensured that clearly defined and documented security roles and area of responsibility were implemented. A keystone in the project was an ASCA certification that I was in charge of and completed. Is recognized as an IBM Blue Talent Manager and has completed the IBM Leading programme.High satisfaction and profilel</p> <p>Currently Im the key person on a project to establish transition and transformation of network and documentation. We have created a solid and effective projectplan for security and transition and next step as move to production on a customer contract with a value over 1. Bill. DKK </p> <p> _____________________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>Summary</p> <p>I do have a strong technical profile with the base from Service Management. The ideal role for me would be as Service Manager, Quality Management, Security Project Management or Technical Manager/Lead in which I would be able to take full advantage of my skills and experience.</p> <p>I have more than 4 years experience as Global Compliance Manager on a Life Science customer</p> <p>My primary strength is business analysis within Risk Management, Security Management and Service Delivery Management and based on that as focal on improving the processes and compliance security postures</p> <p>Document Management is an area that I have been working with and that I cherish</p> <p>As a person Im very openminded and easy to work with.</p> <p>I am very robust by nature and do challenge myself and other in the quality of the work that has to be done. My expectations are as high to myself as to my colleaguesMy daily work must be based on challenges, with high speed and good mood.Skills</p> <p>Strong technical profileIT Business Architect / Data Enabling ManagerVery good and profound knowledge on Service ManagementService Delivery Manager / Delivery Project Exec.Strong documentation and process skillsIT Auditor Global Compliance Manager IT Security Project Openminded and easy to work with. Used to Manage and cooperate with people and teams from all over the world </p> <p>Key focus is to deliver high quality workDoes have high expectations to myself and my colleagues.Karriereoverblik</p> <p>2015 - </p> <p>| Nordic Risk Manager</p> <p>IBM</p> <p>UK</p> <p>2009 2015 | Global Compliance ManagerIBM</p> <p>Danmark</p> <p>2007 2009 | Service Manager</p> <p>IBM</p> <p>Danmark</p> <p>2006 2007 | IT Risk Auditor</p> <p>IBM</p> <p>USA / Armonk</p> <p>2004 2006 | IT Business Architect</p> <p>IBM</p> <p>Danmark</p> <p>2003 2004 | Technical Team Lead</p> <p>IBM</p> <p>Danmark</p> <p>2002 2003 | WW Data Enabling Manager IBM</p> <p>Danmark</p> <p>1998 2002 | Data Specialist</p> <p>IBM</p> <p>Danmark</p> <p>Work history</p> <p>09 2015 ddRisk Manager</p> <p>IBM Prvensvej Brndby</p> <p>I work with Risk evaluation as Risk Manager. This consist of the following topics:</p> <p> Contract evaluation and analysis Financial analysis of the delivery Transfer of project from opportunity, over transition/transformation to production Risks that are current in production and will need to be thoroughly mitigated Technical background IT ArchitectureOne key issue here is the analysis of the financial and security based risks from the contract. I perform the analysis and implementation of the risk evaluation and ensure to create a plan to eliminate and remove the risks.</p> <p>An extremely important task is to compare the processes used and based on that to advise on improvement investments in the production environment. 02 09 09 15 Global Compliance Manager &amp; Technical Teamlead</p> <p>IBM Prvensvej Brndby</p> <p>Compliance has been the foundation for my work as Global Compliance Manager and Technical Teamlead for the compliance team.</p> <p>I have been the leading person in introducing and building the functionality of compliance in both transformation and production. </p> <p>My primary task has been to provide support to and advise the Service Managers on how to handle and manage the documentation within compliance on both daily production but also on eg. Service Level Management/Service Level Agreement, security baselining and documentation and Root Cause of Incidents.</p> <p>Another task has been to guide and advise the misc. compliance teams as well as Management and customer.</p> <p>By audits and revalidation of Service Management the compliance team has been supporting the account teams and IBM in general to ensure a satisfactory result..I am certified in FDA and does have a good knowledge to HIPAA within the Life science area. .</p> <p>10 07 02 09 Delivery Project Executive / Service Delivery Manager</p> <p> IBM Borupvang - Ballerup</p> <p>As Service Manager I have been overall responsible for the stability in the daily production both as a Service Delivery to the customer as well as representing IBM Management and being focal on all production issues Beside this the Service Delivery Responsible is also the key responsible person on subcontractors who deliver services through IBM to customers. </p> <p>Development, establishing and production run of IT systems is the key area for me to ensure highest possible quality in the service to the customers. </p> <p>I have been working intensively with the definition and creation of the Service Level Agreement/Service Level Management areas and documentation</p> <p>Process development and maturing is one of my focus areas in close cooperation with my own organization and the customers04 06 10 07 IT Risk Management Auditor</p> <p> IBM Armonk New York - USIT Risk Management is the review of the complete risk portolio on a contract. This is based on both the financial part, the organization and the Service Delivery.</p> <p>I did travel in Europe, the Middle East and Africa evaluating the contracts from an IT risk management view My area of competence is documentation, process/procedures, physical access controls and review of the contract and amendments. As part of that I did create a manual/checklist for the WW audit team</p> <p>I believe that the audit report is a extremely important document to be able to document control on the delivery but also to get, keep and maintain the reputation as a reliable Service Delivery supplier at the outmost quality. </p> <p>12 04 04 06 IT Business Architect / ASCA responsible IBM Lyngbyvej - KbenhavnWork descriptions and technical documentation are the very base to ensure high quality. </p> <p>I worked as IT Business Architect converting SAP data to IBM Legacy on top of that I also was lead on testing a portfolio of systems and processes. As a part of the project a major SAP installation was supposed to be ASCA certified and I took lead on that. I also did create several process documents eg. MIPS calculation in a mainframe environment. </p> <p>02 03 12 04 TeamLead Commission Payment System implementation / ASCA responsible IBM Lundtofte - Lyngby</p> <p>I was the Project manager and Lead on defining, creating and implementing the ASCA certification of a Commission Payment System (CPS) to calculate and transfer Bonus to the entire salesteam in the Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland + Baltics). Baset on this work I was working closely with the sales team and with the Nordic Management team and based on that I got the system implemented, ASCA certified and moved into production. </p> <p>The system is still running in production today.</p> <p>03 02 02 03 WW Data Enabling Manager / Project Manager. </p> <p> IBM Sortemosevej - Allerd </p> <p>In WorldWide License Management I was allocated as Data Enabling Manager. </p> <p>My area of responsibility was data validation, defining and setup of data load/unload (licenses) into a central database02 98 03 02 Data Specialist / Project Manager</p> <p> IBM Sortemosevej - Allerd</p> <p>As Configurator Specialist I was member of a team where we configured the complete software packages with eg. Correct licenbse, price and media. This was a world wide functionBeside that I was the Project manager on a web based tool where the planners could validate the products before they were launched for the worldwide market </p> <p>________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p>