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Seo is technique that affect the visibility of your website to to any search engine's search result.It include On-page optimization like title tag,meta tag,keyword analysis,relevant content etc and off-page optimization activities for link building like guest blogging,article submission etc.Our company Crocuss provides this facility to their clients.


<p>Search engine optimization</p> <p>SEO affects the the visibility of webpages or a website in any search engine's search result.If a site appears more frequently or early in search engine's result,then it will get more visitors.</p> <p>It may also target for the various search like local search,video search,image search etc.</p> <p>Optimizing a site involve editing its content,html coding and much more.</p> <p>SEO's Techniques</p> <p>Black hat technique</p> <p>White hat technique</p> <p>White hat Vs Black hat SEO</p> <p>White HatBlack Hat</p> <p>1.Obeys search engine design and involves no frauds.1.Techniques used to get high search engine ranking in an unethical way.</p> <p>2.Acceptable by the search engines.2.Not acceptable by the search engines.</p> <p>3.Results last for long.3.Site get penalized,de-indexed or banned by lower ranking.</p> <p>4.White hat technique include website redesigning,content improvement.research, analysis and much more.4.Black hat technique include keyword stuffing,comment spam,hidden text and links and various spamming things.</p> <p>Optimization of any website take place by two methods-On-Page optimization</p> <p>Off-Page optimization</p> <p>On-page SEO</p> <p>On-page optimization refers to those factors that have some effect on your Web site or Web page. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your webpage.On-page factors like-Title tag,H1 tag,Alt Tag,keywords density ,Keywords planning, meta tags,relevant content,Internal linking,XML sitemap,robot.txt file,and much more</p> <p>Off-page SEO</p> <p>Off-page optimization refers to activities related with link building.</p> <p>Some activities are-1.Guest Blogging.2.Social bookmarking.3.Ppt / video sharing.4.Profile creation.5.Article submission. And much more.</p> <p>CONTACT US</p> <p>.</p> <p>For more detail visit our website:website: www.crocuss.comemail id: info@crocuss.comcontact us: 818-430-4522</p>