On page seo – seo tips to prevent over optimization with word press

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Discover more at http://www.workwithclintbutler.com/seo/on-page-seo/ I wrote this presentation to go with my on page seo post at the above link. I created the video using a HangOut. As you can see I am learn lessons about marketing everyday. Like the fact that when you do screen share in a hangout, it does not capture your presentation when switching it to presentation mode. The context of the presentation is how WordPress is actually set up pretty bad for on page seo and how to fix it with a couple easy tweeks. The blog post actually goes through everything you need to do and in about 20 mins you'll greatly increase the chances of your content ranking higher.

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  • 1.On Page SEO SEO Tips To Prevent Over Optimization With WordPress Presented By Clint Butler Workwithclintbutler.com

2. Why Is It Important You can have tons of backlinks and tons of social shares, but if your on page SEO is bad, your site just wont rank. 3. WordPress Is Set-Up Wrong Duplicate content machine Tags Categories Author Archiveshttp://www.workwithclintbutler.com/seo/onpage-seo/ 4. Critical On Page Factors 1) Accessible to Search Engine 5. Critical On Page Factors 2) Rei Cononical use this if you have duplicate pages to link to the original document 6. Critical On Page Factors 3) Broad Keyword Use in the Page Title 7. Critical On Page Factors 4) Keyword Used in Document Multiple Times Keyword Density .5% up to 6% 8. High On Page Factors 1) Exact Keyword Used in Page Title 9. High On Page Factors 2) Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Page Title 10. High On Page Factors 3) Avoid Multiple Page Title Elements One unique Title for each page