Scouting and Vocations. The Game Plan 1.How Scouting helps Scouts discern their Vocations. 2.How Scouting prepares Scouts for their Vocations. 3.How Scouting.

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Scouting and VocationsScouting and Vocations1The Game PlanHow Scouting helps Scouts discern their Vocations.How Scouting prepares Scouts for their Vocations.How Scouting helps leaders fulfill their Vocations.How Scouting Helps Scouts DiscernExposureEducationHow Scouting Prepares Scouts for Their VocationsSpiritual FormationHuman FormationIntellectual FormationPastoral / Job Specific FormationHow Scouting Helps Leaders Fulfill Their VocationsMarried CouplesWill you accept children lovingly from God, and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?PriestsEvangelization of young peopleAction ItemsPromote Religious Emblems.Promote Catholic virtues.Increase both quantity and quality of Catholic Scouting.


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