Because Scouting should be all about spending time with your scouts.

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Because Scouting should be all about spending time with your scouts. What is TroopWebHost?. A dedicated website for your troop. Hosted on our secure server. That every member of your troop can log on to. With access appropriate to each members position. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Because Scouting should be all about spending time with your scouts.

A dedicated website for your troop.

Hosted on our secure server.

That every member of your troop can log on to.

With access appropriate to each members position.

To maintain and access all of your troops information.

www.TroopWebHost.comWhat is TroopWebHost?

Public Web Pages

Home Page Information about your troop Photos Announcements Upcoming EventsAbout Our TroopAdult LeadersDownload FormsResource

Custom Pages can be privatePhoto Gallery - can be privateVideo Gallery - can be private

Logon To Your Site

Each member of the troop has their own User ID and

Each member of your troop can be assigned one or more roles: Scout Adult Advancement Chair Membership Chair

The menu the user sees is limited to what is appropriate to his/her roles. Event Planner Treasurer Webmaster and many more (you can define your own roles, if youd like)

My Stuff

View and update information about yourself: View your account balance and transaction history Submit payments on-line using PayPal View your advancement status Update your contact information and password Sign up for events and shifts Buy merchandise from the troop Subscribe to the troop calendar Enter orders for troop fundraisers and select your incentive prize View and contribute to the Scout Forum View library materials and equipment youve checked out View the merit badges you support as a merit badge counselorwww.TroopWebHost.comParents can view information about their scouts advancement and accounts, and can update their contact information.

E-Mail and SMS Text Messageswww.TroopWebHost.comSend messages from your web site to: Individual members The entire troop All members of a patrol All members signed up for an event Custom e-mail groups that you createSpecial e-mail functions: Send User ID and Password to selected members Send account balances Send invitation to upcoming event to all who havent yet decided


View all troop events on the Troop Calendar: Meetings Campoutswww.TroopWebHost.comSet up event locations for places you visit often, with: Address Photograph

Fundraisers Community Service Distance & Directions Google Map coordinates Phone Number Web Site LinkSchedule activities, meal plans, and rank and merit badge requirements.Take attendance to give credit for camping nights, hiking miles and service hours.After the event, upload photos to share with the troop. Subscribe to the troop calendar from Google Calendar and other calendar applications, including those on tablets and smart phones, including iPad and iPhone.

Rank AdvancementView detailed requirements for all ranks and merit badges.Print Blue Cards for merit badges.Check off scouts who completed requirements that were offered at an event.Automatically complete community service requirements based on participation at service events.Automatically complete months in rank

Print reports, labels and award cards for Court of Honor.Compute eligibility for Order of the Arrow.Identify who needs which requirements for next advancement.

Managing Your Troops FundsMakes your treasurers job much easier!PayPal payments are automatically posted to the members account.Enter group transactions for dues and campouts (participants are pre-selected).Reconcile your monthly bank statement by checking off the checks &

Generate e-mails to all troop members with their current account balances.Every member can view their account history on-line. No more printing and mailing statements every month!

Fund Raisers Create a sales campaign for each fund raiser.Scouts enter their own orders directly into the system.Scouts promote Internet sales using their Personal URL at public can purchase items from scouts on-line and pay via PayPal.Your fundraiser coordinator can manage inventory, payments, and distribution using on-line functions and reports.Payments are posted directly to your troop accounts as they are deposited.This same capability may be used to sell merchandise, like troop t-shirts, to your scouts and

Leadership and TrainingAdult and scout leadership positions.Saves history of positions held by each member of the

Record training completed by each adult and scout.Expiration dates are computed automatically.

Automated Electronic NewsletterAutomatically e-mail a newsletter to every member of your troop (unless they opt out).www.TroopWebHost.comNewsletter is automatically generated from information youve already entered into the system: Announcements Upcoming eventsPersonalized to each recipient to show: Whether or not theyve signed up for each upcoming event Training about to expire Account balances Library materials and equipment that are currently checked out Requirements needed for next rank advancement

But Wait, Theres More! www.TroopWebHost.comUpload forms and documents for easy retrieval.

Check in and check out troop library materials.Check in and check out camping equipment.Download complete database backup as XML document.Display videos youve uploaded to YouTube.Support for merit badge counselors, including those from other troops.Configure the system to fit your troops requirements, including color scheme and banner image.

Getting Startedwww.TroopWebHost.comOrder a subscription at Only $99 per year for your entire troop.Excellent customer support and comprehensive on-line user guide.

Implementation checklist is provided in the User Guide.Troop roster, completed merit badges, and completed rank requirements may be uploaded from TroopMaster.Troop roster may be uploaded from ScoutTrack.

Technical Details for I.T. Professionalswww.TroopWebHost.comDedicated server managed by LiquidWeb at secure data center in Lansing, MI.Server configuration: Dual quad core Xeon processor Primary storage: two SSD disks in RAID 1 (mirrored) configuration Third disk for SQL backups Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2Full database backups daily, with hourly incremental backups.Backups copied off-site daily for two week retention.SSL encrypted communications. Integrated user guide. Tool tips on all data entry fields. Export any grid to Excel.


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