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VIDEO PROJECT By Faith, Vickie, Anna and Christina

Scarface video powerpoint

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By Faith, Vickie, Anna

and Christina

Page 2: Scarface video powerpoint

• We were given the task of creating a video of between 1-2 minutes using the Scar face theme tune.

• There were 3 rules that we had to follow: 1. Must use ‘theme’.

2.Convey atmosphere through editing and use of ‘theme’. 3. Must have area with no

sound for effect.

An Outline Of The Task

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What We Did Before We Started

• As a class we watched some of the ending scenes in which the theme tune is prominent.

• We then discussed as a classed the various different emotions and effects the use of the music had in those particular scenes.

• We then as a group began to put forward our own more in depth ideas to ensure that our story mirrors the sinister tone of the theme tune.

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Developing The Story Line

In order to come up with a story line we took turns in giving our own thoughts on the theme tune and what came to mind when we listened to it. We then combined our ideas and noted down a rough scene by scene storyline of:

• A girl in the dark writing a suicide note.• Flash back to her been locked in a cupboard.• Back to writing the note• Bullies pulling her chair away from her.• The girl running into the toilets in tears.• The girl writing the letter.• The girl having her money stolen by the bullies.• The girl in tears.• The girl finishing her suicide note.•The girl hanging herself.

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An overview of the plot

• After coming to a joint agreement that the music gave out quite a sinister feeling, we knew that our piece had to be equally serious.

• A summary of our story would be a shortened story of a girl on the verge of committing suicide, and the reasons why she is going to do so. Then finally, her hanging herself.

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Beginning To Story board

We created a rough story board in the lesson and thencompleted it fully at home. Below are some of the imagesfrom the storyboard:

Close up of a hand writing a message on a sheet of paper with the lamp providing the light. The camera zooms out and in to reveal the writing.

Close up of the girl screwing up the sheet of paper and then getting a new one to write onMid Shot with the two bullies in the foreground and the

girl banging on the cupboard door in the background.

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Storyboard cont.

Mid shot of a group of girls talking and pointing towards the chair and laughing

Long shot from behind as the bullies pull the chair away from the girl causing her to fall on the floor.

Close up of the girl writing ‘I’m sorry’ on a new sheet of paper with the lamp still providing the light

Extreme close up of her eyes that are red and swollen from crying. Her eyes then shut

Close up of a hand writing a message on a sheet of paper with the lamp providing the light. The camera zooms out and in to reveal the writing.

Close up of the hanging

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The filming

• We filmed at various places throughout the school varying from the toilet to the pond.

• While filming we tried to film from as many different camera angles as possible so we knew that when we came to editing it we would have plenty of footage to work with.

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Creating the credits

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• To create a different style of credits we used Live Type.

• Firstly we used Adobe Photoshop to create the background picture in the style of the original Scarface picture.

• Then we put in the title and our names and then added some effects on them. The effects are quite jumpy which we thought would be appropriate to keep the viewer on edge and to build suspense.

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The Editing

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The Editing CONT…

• We used a mixture of Serif, iMovie and Final Cut to create our final piece.

• We used a variety of editing techniques throughout the movie.

• We used two main transitions, the first was a fade through black effect in order to give the idea of shutting your eyes then opening them as if you are remembering a certain event (flashback).

• The second transition was a simple cut, this was used during the flashbacks to try and make it seem as realistic as possible and without faltering the continuity aspects.

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The Editing CONT…

• During some of the flashbacks e.g. the toilet scene and the cupboard, we reduced the clip to only half of its normal speed to put emphasis on what was happening.

• We decided to film the pond scene from a mobile phone. We chose this point of view as it is becoming more and more common, as seen on the news, for people to film their attacks and put them on ‘Youtube.’ We also wanted to add variety to our shot types.

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Use of Sound

• We decided to have ‘Tony’s Theme’ from Scarface run through the majority of the clip, with the speech overlapped. Our reasoning behind this was to build up tension, ready for the music to cut, signifying to the audience that this is no longer just a joke.

Page 15: Scarface video powerpoint

Comparison With The Original Scarface

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaTP9TnY7lo&feature=related

• After searching round on Youtube for a while we finally found an unedited video of the ending scene in which the theme tune is played.

• We found that unintentionally the way we had placed our music was fairly similar to the film.

• Like the film we have placed the theme tune to play almost all the way through the clip, right until it gets ‘serious’ towards the end.