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Scarface one of the best movies ever made!

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Scarface one of the best movies ever made!

Index- Why this movie ?- The main characters- The storyline- Facts - Why people should watch it- ?

Why you chose it ?We picked this movie because its one of our favorite films. It shows you so many things about life, like how hard it was or it still is to be from Cuba and still live the American dream, how life changes ,you can be poor and the next thing you know you can be rich.

The main charactersAl Pacino...Tony MontanaSteven Bauer...Manny RiberaMichelle Pfeiffer...Elvira HancockMary Elizabeth Mastrantonio...Gina MontanaRobert Loggia...Frank LopezMiriam Colon...Mama MontanaF. Murray Abraham...Omar SuarezPaul Shenar...Alejandro Sosa

Pictures of the main characters

StorylineA poor boy who begins to engage with the Mafia, first with small things in which he demonstrates that it is always very seasoned and without fear of anything, so in that world grows until it reaches the top, kills many important people, including his best friend and sister who was loving this , he begins to lose control of his whole life, and that scares you, he always suffered from economic and emotional deprivation and thus get to have everything I wanted materially, only his lack of love just with the mind in the end assassinated by gunmen in his luxurious residence, that if trying to die as he lived .

Interesting FactsThe world can be yours: Tony Montana achieved what the visualized as the American Dream . He had power, money, respect. Everything he ever wanted

Do not eat what you sell: Everything in excess is generally poor , do not forget who you are

Be grateful: And remember nobody knows what you have until you lose it

Always have a plan B: Always try to identify your areas of concern , and you have everything in your power to minimize them.

Why people should watch itbecause in this movie the main character faces many things to achieve to have the respect and power he have, also it shows how drugs can destroy and raise awareness


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