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Scarface Opening Time Line

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Scarface opening time line

0-17 seconds- The Universal logo. This is usually the first thing we see in films because it is the production company.

17-50 seconds- We are given a historical narrative to a fictional film, this gives us a sense of story and what might happen. The narrative is shown in white typography in a black background.

50-58 seconds- We now see General Castro carrying on the narrative.

58-1:02 minutes- General Castros supporters are now shown cheering him on at his current speech.

1:02-1:06 minutes- The first credit is introduced, which is the person who produced the film.

1:06-1:18 minutes- We are shown further historical images of the time period so that the film is given a deeper background and so that the understanding of the story can be developed.

1:18-1:22 minutes- The director now has a credit in the opening sequence.

1:22-1:32 minutes- Further footage of Cuban crisis is shown to us.

1:32-1:35 minutes- The lead role is introduced with a climatic in.

1:35-1:39 minutes- More footage of the Cuban crisis is shown to us, this time more sympathetic images of people so we feel sorrow for them. This could also be there as they could be in awe of the opening title just about to be revealed.

1:39-1:43 minutes- Scarface is revealed and we know what Al Pacino stars in, creating many enigmas as to why the film may be called Scarface.

1:43-1:53 minutes- More footage of the Cuban crisis.

1:53-1:58 minutes- We are shown more of the actors in the film.

1:58-2:05 minutes- More footage shown from the Cuban crisis.

2:05-2:10 minutes- More credits are shown for actors.

2:10-2:14 minutes- The footage carries on.

2:14-2:17 minutes- The credits for the casting come up.

2:17-2:22 minutes- More footage from the Cuban crisis shown to us.

2:22-2:25 minutes- The credit to the music composer.

2:25-2:32 minutes- We see a longer segment of footage from the Cuban crisis.

2:32-2:35 minutes- The executive producer is shown to us.

2:35-2:40 minutes- We see more distressing footage from the Cuban crisis.

2:40-2:42 minutes- Visual consultant credit shown.

2:42-2:50 minutes- Happier footage of the Cuban crisis is shown to give us a contrast of what happened.

2:50-2:53 minutes- The editors of the film are credited.

2:53-2:57 minutes- More footage of successful Cuban refugees making it to America.

2:57-3:00 minutes- The art director is credited.

3:00-3:04 minutes- More footage of Cubans arriving in America.

3:04-3:06 minutes- Director of photography is credited.

3:06-3:10 minutes- Footage of Cubans being housed in America.

3:10-3:13 minutes- Screenplay credited.

3:13-3:16 minutes- More footage is shown.

3:16-3:19 minutes- Producer is credited.

3:19-3:21 minutes- Last parts of the Cuban crisis footage are shown to us.

3:21-END minutes- Director Brian De Palma is credited.