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Text of Russia Moscow Russian Review Greece Athens Greek

  • Russia MoscowRussian Review

  • GreeceAthensGreek

  • PortugalLisbonPortuguese

  • SpainMadridSpanish

  • Italy is in the south of Europe Portugal is to the west of Spain. Barcelona is on the northwest coast of Spain.

    Function: Describing location

  • A city in ItalyBridges, churches, architecture, water ,etcWear masks; CarnivalA city built on waterVenice

  • DenmarkVenice

  • Vienna A capital city The Danube River Music is the soul of the city Austria

  • Vienna National Opera House Danube River

  • The Eiffel TowerThe ParthenonThe Uffizi PalaceThe Sagrada Familia

  • Pre-reading Match the pictures and the descriptions.1 a landmark in Parisan art gallery in Florence3 a church in Barcelona4 a building in Athens1234

  • Read Para 1 and answer the following questions.1. Where is Paris situated?Its situated on the River Seine. 2. What are the popular scenic spots in Paris?They are the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre 3. What is Paris famous for?The city is famous for its restaurants, cafes and theatres.

  • Read Para 2 and choose True or False.Barcelona is the capital and the largest city of Spain.3. Gaudi worked on the project of the Church of the Sagrada Familia for 45 years.2. Barcelona is a coastal city.FTF

  • Read Para 3 and choose the best answers. 1.The great artistic movement the Renaissance began _____, and ended ____________. A. in Florence; in the 1600s B. in Florence; in the 1300s C. in Paris; in the 1600s D. in Paris; in the 1300s2. Michelangelo was a great artist who _________________. A. designed the Parthenon B. designed the Eiffel Tower C. produced many beautiful sculptures D. designed the Louvre

  • Read Para 4 and try to ask questions about Athens.Acropolis Hill the Parthenon

  • Post-reading Fill in the form. Franceon the River SeineThe Eiffel Towercafesrestaurants& theatresSpainon the north-east coastThe SagradaFamiliaItalyThe UffiziPalacethe RenaissanceGreece The ParthenonBirthplaceof civilization


  • Paris is famous for its restaurants, cafes and theatres. Athens, the capital of Greece, is known as the birthplace of western civilization. 1. be famous / well-known for 1 Xian is famous for its ancient architectures.2Xian is well-known as a city with a long history. 2. be famous / well-known as

  • How to talk about locations?1. Paris is situated on the River Seine.2. The Louvre is located in Paris. be located/situated (the Qiongzhou Strait)Haikou is situated in the north of Hainan Province and faces Zhanjiang City of Gangdong across the Qiongzhou Strait.

  • Talk about landmarks The most popular place for tourists is the Eiffel Tower, the famous symbol of Paris. 2. One of Barcelonas most famous landmarks is the Church of the Sagrada Familia. 3. The Uffizi Place is the most famous art gallary in the city. The most popular place for tourists in China is the Great Wall, the famous symbol of Beijing.

  • CountryCityProvinceLocationStep1Step2Step3Step4Step5LandmarksWhy famous

    historyclimate peoplefoodOwn feelings How to introduce a city?

  • Suppose youre a tour guide, which of the following cities you would like to recommend to your tourists most? BeijingHong Kong XianSanya

  • You may start like this:Hello, everyone. Im a tour guide. Today Id like to introduce a great city to you. located/ situated famous for/as.the popular places are symbol ..

  • Beijing interesting places and famous local food: Tiananmen Squarethe Great Wall Summer Palacethe Forbidden CityPeking Roast Duck

  • Interesting places and famous food of Hong Kong:DisneylandOcean Parkthe Peakdimsum

  • Interesting places and famous food of Sanya:Yalong Baythe End of the EarthNanshan Templeseafood

  • interesting places of Xian:Terra-cotta warriors Big Wild Goose Pagoda Huaqing Hot Springs Bell Tower

  • Write down an introduction of a city where you were born in on the exercise books using the words and phrases you have learned in this passage (About 120 words).