Ancient Greece: Athens vs. Sparta

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Comparison of Athens vs. Sparta for 10th grade World History.

Text of Ancient Greece: Athens vs. Sparta

  • 1. Mrs. Minks World History Peyton High School

2. How many things do you know (or think you know) about Ancient Greece? On an index card, make a list. 3. Main ideas: Minoan civilization on Crete collapses Mycenaean civilization flourished in Greece between 1600-1100 BCE The Greeks used the Iliad and Odyssey to present role models of the values of courage, honor, and excellence 750 BCE the Dark Age of Greece ends 4. Greece occupies a small area about the size of Louisiana Consists of small plains and river valleys surrounded by high mountain ranges Rivalry between independent communities led to warfare Long seacoast with many harbors led to spread of Greek civilization