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THE PARTHENON Athens, Greece. Bret MacIver Period 3. Parthenon. Erected between 447-432 B.C.E. It was dedicated to Athena Pallas or Parthenos (virgin) Its main function was to house a statue of Athena. Made out of gold and ivory 12 meters high (39.37ft) . Cost of the Parthenon. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THE PARTHENONAthens, GreeceBret MacIver Period 3

ParthenonErected between 447-432 B.C.E.It was dedicated to Athena Pallas or Parthenos (virgin)Its main function was to house a statue of Athena.Made out of gold and ivory12 meters high (39.37ft) Cost of the ParthenonIt was estimated to cost about 1000 Athenian Silver Talents.1 Talent equals about 6 million drachma (1 Drachma equals about 0.00422060 United States Dollars)The Greek Drachma is now obsolete.1 Talent could pay the crew of a warship for one monthThe annual income of Pericles was about 1000 Talents with 9000 in reserve.

Dimensions and SpecificationsLength = 69.5 meters (101.3ft)Width = 30.88 meters (228ft)Height = 13.82 meters (45.34ft)The columns were 1.9 meters in diameter and 10.4 meters in height.The columns were not set in the most common style for design. This specific style is known as the Doric Style (6 columns on short side and 13 on the long side.) Parthenon Column Layout

85 Total Columns46 Outer Columns8 Front and Back17 Each Side16 Inner Columns6 Across Pronaos (front)6 Across Opisthodomnos (back)4 In Treasury Room (rear of temple)23 Surround the Cult StatueFRONTBACKLincoln Memorial

Lincoln MemorialBuilt between 1914-1922It was built in memory of the 16th President Abraham Lincoln.In the front it houses a statueof Lincoln19 ft tall (5.791 meters)Weighs 175 tonsMade out of marbleDimensions and SpecificationsWidth-119 ft (36.27 meters)Length-190 ft (57.91 meters)Height-99 ft (30.18 meters)Total of 36 Columns8 on the sides12 in the front and backEach column was dedicated to each state that was in the Union in the time of the Gettysburg AddressThere are 48 of the states carved in the frieze above the columns ( the 48 states that were in the US when the memorial was built

Parthenon vs. Lincoln Memorial

PARTHENONVS.LINCOLN MEMORILDifferencesThe Lincoln Memorial uses all right angles vs. the Parthenon uses optical illusion of the perfect building but when looked at closely it is shaped like a trapezoid.The columns of the Parthenon are leaning in to give even more of the perfect building look vs. the Lincoln Memorials columns are straight up.The Lincoln Memorial has a flat roof vs. the Parthenon has a triangular, gable end roof.

SimilaritiesThey both honor a leader or god (same basic idea)They have similar design. (column structure)They both hold a large statue.They both are close to the typical Greek Doric temple.MADE BY: BRET MACIVERPERIOD 3DUE JUNE 2, 2010