Athens, Greece

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Από τους μαθητές της Ε' τάξης!

Text of Athens, Greece

  • This is our flag!

  • This is the famous Parthenon of Athens...

  • The Acropolis Museum

  • and the Acropolis!

  • Ancient Agora of Athens

  • National Garden of Athens

  • Technopolis Cultural Centre

  • Athens Metro Mall

  • The Odeon Of Herodes

  • The Numismatic Museum Of Athens

  • Philopappos Monument

  • Stoa Of Attalos

  • Photos from Haidari

  • The Townhall of our town

  • The Palace of King Othon in Haidari

  • The statue of George Karaiskakis,a local hero of our country

  • A memorial column in honour of general Charles Fabvier, French philhellene

  • Our school

  • Our classrooms

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  • Bye bye!!