REVIVAL: Stay Right Church. Realization: What is the business of the church?

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Hows Business?


  • REVIVAL:Stay RightChurch

  • Realization:What is the business of the church?

  • Hows Business?

  • PersonalizationJesus called you to be Mark 1:17

  • Hows your fishing?

  • We are Gods WatchmenEzek.3;33;37

  • We have forgotten what it means:- To be lost- To be saved- To be called- To be involved

  • What is your excuse?Exodus 3-4

  • Mobilize:PrayerBible StudyPassionate worshipEvangelism 2 Chron.7:14

  • REVIVALPsalm 85:651:12-13

  • What comes after Revival?ProcrastinationStagnationDisintegrationAssimilation

  • Consider Your WaysHaggai

  • Whos on First?Haggai 1Exodus 20:3Deut. 6:1-9Luke 9:59-62Matthew 6:33

  • Its not like it used to beHaggai 2(nostalgia)

  • Gods RealityPresence and PromiseHaggai 2:4-5Providence, 2:5Power, 2:6-7Peace, 2:9(The best is yet to be)

  • I Dont Feel Like ItDiscouragedDepressedDisappointedHaggai 2:11-17

  • Unconfessed Sin1 John 1:91 John 5:16

  • I Dont Believe It Haggai 2:18-23Youre mine

  • Gods AssurancesI am with youHaggai 2:4Fear not 2:5I will bless you 2:19I have chosen you2:23

  • REVIVAL:Stay RightChurch