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  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


    A Study on Efectiveness o Training & Development at BAMUL

    Table of Contents:

    Sl.No Contents Page No


    Executive Summary


    Chapter 01


    Introduction about the Project

    Topic chosen for Study

     Need for the study

    Objectives of the study

    Scope of the study

    Methodology dopted

    !iterature revie"

    !imitations of the study  

    Chapter 02


    Industry profile

    #ompany Profile


    $ision% Mission% &uality policy

    Products ' Service profile

    reas of Operation

    Infrastructure facilities

    #ompetitors information

    S(OT nalysis

    M# )insey Model

    *uture +ro"th ' Prospects

    *inancial Statement nalysis

    Chapter 03

    Theoretical bac,ground of the


    Chapter 04 nalysis ' interpretation of -ata

    Summary ' *indings

    Chapter 05 #onclusion Suggestions ' .ecommendations



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  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


    A Study on Efectiveness o Training & Development at BAMUL

    Execut!e su""ar#:

    Training is an attempt to improve current or future employees performance by

    increasing an employee0s ability to perform through learning usually by changing the

    employee0s attitude or increasing his or her s,ills and ,no"ledge 1The need for 

    training and development is determined by the employees performance deficiency

    computed as follo"s2

    3Training and development 4 standard performance 5actual performance

    3The beginning of training could be traced to the Stone ge "hen people started

    duration the industrial revolution "hen people stared transferring ,no"ledge through

    sign and deeds to others 1$ocational training started1 -uring the industrial revolution

    "hen apprentices "ere provided direct instruction in the operation of machine

    3Training and development is increasing recogni6ed no" as a most important

    organisation activity1 .apid technological changes re7uired ne"er s,ills and

    ,no"ledge in many areas 1training has to be continuously offered to ,eep employees

    updated and effective

    3There are some "ho believe that training has unnecessarily been given undue

    important and that the experience on the job is good enough "ith necessary s,ills and

    efficiency on the job is good enough "ith necessary s,ills and efficiency% to perform

    the job 1it is true that training cannot entirely substitute experience %but it has certain

    definite advantages also1

    Training unli,e experience can shorten the time re7uired to maximum efficiency1 #ost

    of training is much less than the cost of gaining experience% particularly if one is

    dealing "ith expensive e7uipment 1training thus provides certain advantages "hich are not available by learning through experience1

    Training functions can be broadly divided into five segments1

    1 Training objectives

    1 Identification of training needs

    1 Training methods

    1 dministration of training programs% and

    1 Training evaluation

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  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


    A Study on Efectiveness o Training & Development at BAMUL

    It enables to ,no" the actual implementation of various training and development

    tools Techni7ues% "hich deals "ith the development aspect of all the components or 

    human resource "hich not only helps organisational needs and goals but also others

    goals li,e individuals development 1the study helps employees in getting ne" training

     program% Management to alter the system if necessary1

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  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


    A Study on Efectiveness o Training & Development at BAMUL

    s per the policies of the National -airy -evelopment /oard 9N--/:% /angalore

    -airy "as handed over to /angalore Mil, 8nion !td1% 9/amul: on ; st  September 


  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


    A Study on Efectiveness o Training & Development at BAMUL

    C,/P%N+ P&,-(E

    ,&%N(S%T(,N ST%T*S

    The member producers and their -airy #oHoperative Societies 9-#S: are the vital

    constituents of the 8nion and their progress is the judging yardstic, on the efficiency

    of the 8nion0s operation1 Cence the maximum importance has been given to their 

    development1 The 8nion is ma,ing intensive efforts over the years to organi6e -#Ss

    in more and more villages of the three districts in the mil,Hshed area1

    Importance has been given to enroll more and more mil, producers in the villages as

    members of these -#S0s1 (hile enrolling these members% more emphasis is being

    accorded to enroll more number of "omen members and to organi6e more "omen

    managed -#Ss under STEP 9Support to Training and Employment Program for 

    (omen:1 It is heartening to note that there is an active participation of "omen5

    "ea,er sections of the society in all the dairy development activities of the 8nion1

    They have become mainstay of all the developmental programs of the 8nion1 This

    has resulted in the buildup of economical benefits to the most vulnerable sections of 

    the rural mass1

    s on M.#C G; there are ;%= members belongs to

    schedule Tribes1

    Total Membership & Women Membership

    at DCS 3!"!# 3$%$3& 3$#%#' 3$"&"(

    33%"(( 3(3# 33#(%! 3(((& 3($%#

    !%#(' !''"3 !!'3 %$&($ %"&( %!&3( %%3"# %%%&!( %%(%#3

    $")' $')# $#)& $&)! $!)% $%)%% $%%)%$ $%$)%3 $%3)%(

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  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


    A Study on Efectiveness o Training & Development at BAMUL

    /( P&,C*&E/ENT

    The Mil, produced by ;GBG>; farmers at village level "ill be collected every

    day morning and Evening at -#S1 8nder #lean Mil, Production programme% to

    maintain the freshness ' 7uality of the mil, ;D /ul, Mil, #oolers covering

    ;= -#S of Total #apacity %=%GGG !ts "ere installed at -#S level1 -uring

    the year the 8nions daily average mil, procurement is ;;1> !a,h )gs% "hich

    "or,s out to be > ,gs per day per -#S1 The mil, procurement has increased


  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


    A Study on Efectiveness o Training & Development at BAMUL

    Mil, collected at -#S "ill be transported to #hilling #enters% through ;Mil,

    Procurement #an .outes% by travelling ; )M0s every day1 = /ul, Mil, #ooler 

    9/M#: .outes are also in operation% "hich collects mil, from ;D /M# centres of

    ;= -#S directly transported to /angalore -airy through insulated tan,ers1

    The /angalore Mil, 8nion is mar,eting mil, and mil, products in the brand name of ?Nandini@ through ;D= retailers% F *ranchisee Outlets% F Mil, Parlors% D>

    distribution routes1 The ,ey success factor of /amul in becoming a mar,et

    leader is the narro" price spread maintained bet"een purchase ' sales%

    mar,eting higher volumes of mil,1 The volume of sales plays a critical role in

    determining costs1 Cence% the mar,et strategy of

    !i7uid MI!) M.)ETIN+

    /angalore Mil, 8nion is to regard selling of mar,et mil, as its core mar,eting

    activity and to concentrate its efforts in this direction to increase the volume of mil, 

    sales1 The impressive gro"th in the sale of mil, by /amul over the years is due to the

     persistent efforts to maintain timely supply% maintaining 7uality and attending to the

    complaints of consumers and agents "ith prompt follo"Hup action1

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  • 8/20/2019 Rekha P Adf


    A Study on Efectiveness o Training & Development at BAM