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  • 1. 2a. How did the speaker capture the attention of the audiencein his or her introduction?By calling on a member and including him in her comedic act.

2. Lol! 3. The TED CommandmentsThe TED CommandmentsDream big. Strive to create the best talk youhave ever given. Reveal something never seenbefore. Do something the audience willremember forever. Share an idea that couldchange the world.Show us the real you. Share your passions, yourdreams ... and also your fears. Be vulnerable.Speak of failure as well as success.Make the complex plain. Dont try to dazzleintellectually. Dont speak in abstractions.Explain! Give examples. Tell stories. Be specific.Connect with peoples emotions. Make us laugh!Make us cry!Dont flaunt your ego. Dont boast. Its the surestway to switch everyone off.No selling from the stage! Unless we havespecifically asked you to, do not talk about yourcompany or organization. And dont even thinkabout pitching your products or services orasking for funding from stage.Feel free to comment on other speakers talks,to praise or to criticize. Controversy energizes!Enthusiastic endorsement is powerful!Dont read your talk. Notes are fine. But if thechoice is between reading or rambling, thenread!End your talk on time. Doing otherwise is tosteal time from the people that follow you.We wont allow it.Rehearse your talk in front of a trustedfriend ... for timing, for clarity, for impact. 4. 3. Which of the ten TED Commandments does thespeaker best follow? How/why?Dont bore the audience.Step to the mic! Connect with peoples emotions. Make us laugh! Make us cry! 5. I think this speakers evaluation from me is a 3out of 5. This being because I liked the way shepresented the information but I thought shecould have had better jokes to relate to thesubject more. 6. What I have learned from mypresenter? I have learned that you shouldntt let a mental illness or someone telling you youhave one stop you from doing what it is you want to do. 7. Delivery What iv learned about delivery is that you need to be very clear andpresentable. Preparation has a lot to do with how you deliver. Stay energetic and passionate. 8. Sir ken Robinson is a man of experience and greatRuby wax is more of the product of what wisdom that brings his thoughts into action. He fightssir ken Robinson was talking about. for people like Ruby wax! 9. Engageyouraudience.Dontgetscared! 10. What I would tell my classmates for theirspeach is that the most important thing is to beprepared. `The more repetition they do thebetter they will speak overall. 11. Table of context,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=feb8353cdbb69f22&biw=1440&bih=838&,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=feb8353cdbb69f22&biw=1440&bih=838& 12.