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Speaking Tips from Popular TED Talks

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What does it take to be a great speaker? Here are some tips and takeaways that can help you improve your speaking and presentation skills – from some of the most watched TED Talks. Learn more:

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  • best practices in presenting THE
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  • TED Talks has over 1,000,000,000 views What makes some speakers more successful than others? Here are some characteristics of what separates the good speakers from the great.
  • Your TED talk shouldnt be less than 12 minutes. Jaw dropping Funny Beautiful Ingenious The exceptions to the 12 minute rule is if your talk is: The most favorited videos average 17:58 in length
  • For people to enjoy the TED talk that fell between 12-18 minutes long, it had to be: Persuasive Fascinating Inspiring Informative Courageous
  • If you want to compete among the most favorite TED speakers you should: Present a clear, focused message Do not use slides Format your presentation as a heros journey or premise-driven narrative Alternate between Stories and main points Keep it short and to the point Use humor strategically Take your audience through a broad range of emotions. Embrace the power of the pause
  • You Happiness Brain French Coffee Mirror Choice Patient Data Middle So Oxygen Aircraft Project Girls Feet Building Problem Computer Design The top 10 keywords to USE in your TED talk The top 10 keywords to AVOID in your TED talk
  • The most successful speakers share these characteristics Longer hair than average Glasses Dressed up more than the average TED speaker
  • 1 John Underkofer Gesture-based computing 2 Gary Flake Extreme data visualization 3 Jane McGonigal How gamers can save the world 4 Stephen Wolfram Creating a computational theory of the universe 5 Pranav Mistry Gesture-based interface that goes everywhere 6 Eric Topol Wireless tech in medicine 7 Tim Berners-Lee Making the worlds data open source 8 Ray Kurzweil Machines that think and grow The Top 8 TED Talks for Tech
  • 1 Rory Sutherland Life Lessons from an Ad Man 2 Simon Sinek How Great Leaders Inspire Action 3 Dan Ariely Are we in Control of our own Decisions? 4 Seth Godin How to get your Ideas to Spread 5 Malcolm Gladwell Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce 6 Tim Harford Trial, Error, and the God Complex 7 Steven Johnson Where Good Ideas Come From 8 Cameron Herold Let's Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs 9 Dan Cobley What Physics Taught Me About Marketing 10 Jason Fried Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work The Top 10 TED Talks for Business
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