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TED Talks from Tom Chatfield


  • 1. Presented by : Darrall Taylor
  • 2. Tom Chatfield This speaker from the TED talks opens with his love of video games and related with the community of players. He also explains the amount of money that has been made and its increase over the years.
  • 3. He addresses the audience with games and other world references that they would relate with or widely publicized. He also talks about the communities that are dedicated to video games.
  • 4. I feel that this speaker uses the number 3 TED commandment. He simplifies The Big Picture of gaming and brings it to the understanding of someone that has never played a game before or a Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG). He gave good examples of how developers come up with ways to draw players into the games and keep them motivated to keep playing after long periods of time.
  • 5. Visual Aids I know visual aids help me learn how things are done and keep me interested for long periods of time. This is one of the tips I picked up on.
  • 6. 3/5 7 Ways games reward the brain. Pictures are a great way to attract the attention of the viewer. The speaker could have slowed down his talk a little and still accomplish the point of the speech. I also thought that the speaker would fade in tone and clarity throughout his speech.
  • 7. What I learned. I learned from my presenter that its is a good idea to slow down and make sure your viewer has a good understanding of what you are talking about. Visual aids are always good and keep the eyes moving.
  • 8. Comparison I thought that Sir Ken Robinson was a better speaker due to his use of comedy to break the ice when he comes out. Tom Chatfield did not use any comedy and went straight to business to try and cram as much information into his presentation as possible.
  • 9. Comparison Sir Ken Robinson was calm about his speeches he did not have to rush through and kept the viewer interested. Tom Chatfield was a fast speaker and had a volume issue it could have been the microphone but he sounded quiet and droning at times.
  • 10. Tips Slow down and rehearse, if you speak too fast the viewer will lose interest quickly. Speak up, if you viewer cannot hear what youre saying he or she will most likely not retain anything they heard from your speech. Use Visuals, they could make or break a presentation.
  • 11. Summary Tom Chatfield was a great speaker. He may have had a few difficulties but the information was interesting enough to keep watching.The link for his video Is: www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/tom_chatfield_7_ways_games_rew ard_the_brain.htmlThank you for your time I hope you learned something from my presentation.