6 TED Talks about Productivity

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5 Must-SEE TED Talks Videos for Aspiring Leaders

The following 6 TED Talks can inspire you and boost your productivity at work with original ideas you would never have thought to try until now.

Avery Eisenreich6 TED Talks About Productivity


1. Lead Like the Great Conductors

Speaker: Itay Talgam

Avery Eisenreich


Description: Inferring that leadership and management are comparable to directing an orchestra, Itay Talgam, a well-known Israeli conductors, looks to the styles of six of the greatest conductors of the 20th century to ascertain lessons on how to get the most out of any collaboration.

Avery Eisenreich

2. Why Work Doesnt Happen at Work

Speaker: Jason Fried

Avery Eisenreich


Description: This TED Talk by Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp, sheds light on the various distractions we face at work and how todays busy offices are not suited for projects that require extended amounts of uninterrupted time.

Avery Eisenreich

3. How to Make Stress Your Friend

Speaker: Kelly McGonigal

Avery Eisenreich

#3 Kelly McGonigal - How to Make Stress Your Friend


Description: In this TED Talk, psychologist Kelly McGonigal presents the findings of her research that says stress in itself is not as bad as people make it out to be. Theonlyfactor that affects if stress harms us is how we view the stress.

Avery Eisenreich

4. Success is a Continuous JourneySpeaker: Richard St. John

Avery Eisenreich

#4Richard St. John - Success is a Continuous Journey


Description: Richard St. John told us that the road to success is not a one-way street, it is a continuous journey. He shows his own business ups and downs to illustrate his key message. When you stop trying, you fail.

Avery Eisenreich

5. Dare to Disagree

Speaker: Margaret Heffernan

Avery Eisenreich

#5 Margaret Heffernan - Dare to Disagree


Description: Most of us tend to avoid arguments at work and at home, but Margaret Heffernan, an international businesswoman and writer, disagrees with this approach. In this TED Talk, she shows her viewers that a good disagreement is important to progress.

Avery Eisenreich

6. Smash Fear, Learn Anything

Speaker: Tim Ferris

Avery Eisenreich


Description: Tim Farris, the author ofThe 4-Hour Work Week, offers up some productivity pointers and helps employees of all ranks face their fears. The talk is full of encouraging tales often from his own experience that show how simple decisions, made despite fears or hesitation, can make for a drastically more meaningful day-to-day work or life.

Avery Eisenreich

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Avery Eisenreich